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40  Winter 2016 European Energy Innovation


    research and testing facilities to          training programs and accelerate       system will require a broad and holistic
    exchange knowledge, coordinate              international best practice            approach also looking on synergies
    joint assessment, and advance               exchange                               of the electricity network with other
    global best practices on electricity                                               energy carriers and infrastructures like
    system testing.                         To sum up ISGAN activities showcase        for example gas grids and storages,
                                            good practices for smart grid pilots,      heating and cooling systems as well as
•	 A power T&D networks working             demonstrations, and deployment;            electro mobility. Across this landscape
    group supports joint consideration      identify areas for increased attention     of change, it is crucial for policy
    of the technical needs and related      and investment; improve international      makers to understand the possible
    policy–regulatory–institutional         collaboration on smart grid testing        synergies and the need for a system
    considerations for future, smart,       and evaluation; and support a global       view in which global know-how and
    sustainable electricity networks.       community of smart grid practitioners.     best practice can be shared. This is a
                                            The outcome of these activities            global challenge that requires global
•	 An ISGAN working group focused           are leveraging organisational and          cooperation. l
    on the smart grid transition            institutional learning and innovation
    examines the institutional change       process across sectors and disciplines
    management considerations               accelerating the deployment of
    that will support or impede the         smart grid solutions and applications
    evolution to smart energy systems.      including new market arrangements
                                            as demand response and energy
•	 The ISGAN Award of Excellence            storage. Energy and the ICT Industry,
    is an annual competition that           research institutions, the relevant
    showcases global leadership             bodies of the public sector as well as
    and innovation in smart grids,          new market actors and early adopting
    highlighting the value that smart       customers are all key actors in this
    grids provide for specific objectives,  process defining and verifying smart
    such as renewables integration.         grid solutions to improve electricity
                                            system over-all efficiency to the benefit
•	 The ISGAN Virtual Academy is a           of consumers.
    new online curriculum for smart
    grid professionals that will augment    The long-term and sustainable
    or reinforce national and regional      planning of the future electricity

Biography Karin Widegren                                                               Further information can be found
                                                                                       on the ISGAN website
Karin Widegren holds a position as Adviser to the Director General at the    
Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate, the Swedish energy regulator, with
policy development in relation to electricity market design and implementation
of new technology with focus on smart grid and demand side flexibility as
her main expertise. Since spring 2015 Karin Widegren is Vice Chair of ISGAN
(International Smart Grid Action Network) an IEA Technology Collaboration
Program. Karin Widegren has also served as the Director of the Swedish
Coordination Council for Smart Grids, assigned by the Swedish government
for the period 2012 – 2014 with the scope to develop a national action plan
for smart grid. Karin Widegren is also one of 18 members of the Forum for
Swedish Smart Grids, appointed by the Swedish Government and lead by the
Ministry of the Environment and Energy with the mission to implement the
action plan proposed by the Swedish Coordination Council for Smart Grids.

Before joining the Council Karin Widegren held a position as Director of
International Affairs at the Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate. Her career
also includes a position as Science and Technology Attaché at the Swedish
Office of Science and Technology in the USA and as Deputy Director for
Energy Market Policies at the Swedish Ministry of Industry, Employment and
Communications. As a former Research Project Manager within Vattenfall, Karin
Widegren has gained a broad experience from corporate energy research.

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