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Winter 2015 European Energy Innovation


could be used with all utilities based on smart heat metering “When it comes to residential
integrated. For this, electricity and (gas meters). Insero Live Lab customers, the American
water consumption have been is run by the Insero Horsens electricity company O-Power have
manually entered. By knowing Foundation. The MangEnergy found that competition between
additional information about partner EC Network is involved neighbours and areas can be
the house, the platform comes to help with testing the iESA effective in reducing energy
up with a rating for electricity Software in close cooperation use. This is an idea AffaldVarme
and energy consumption. This with the 20 families. Aarhus are considering for their
allows the consumer to know customers too. One of the main
where their focus could be for The activity is done in the concerns is of the sensitivity of
improvements.” framework of FINESCE (Future data when you have to keep data
INtErnet Smart Utility ServiCEs) for this type of purpose.”
“For municipality buildings we which is the smart energy use
can use other means to gain case project of the 2ndphase “It is very important to prioritise
information about water and of Future Internet Public Private the security of the data on this
electricity data which can be fed Partnership Programme (FI-PPP) platform. The data is sensitive
into the platform through Energy funded by the European Union because it gives insight into
Key. By using this “back door” within FP7. people’s lives; it is relatively easy
we are able to present the full to extract information about when
data set on the eButler platform. Replicability is of particular people are using heat and when
We hope that this will encourage interest due to the requirements they are not at home. There is
the other utilities to get involved of Articles 9, 10 and 11 of the a lot of information that can be
so that we don’t have to use the used and misused.” O
“back door” anymore.” (QHUJ\(IƓFLHQF\'LUHFWLYHZLWKD
number of new provisions (which Originally published in HOTCOOL
SMART GRID LIVE LAB IN came into force in 2014 across a DBDH publication.
STENDERUP, DENMARK Europe) on metering and billing
Fifty kilometres south of Aarhus of individual consumption of ManagEnergy is an EU-funded
there is a little village called heating and cooling. initiative supporting local and
Stenderup (Horsens Area) serving regional sustainable energy
as a trial site for the smart grid What works in Aarhus, however, actions. Learn more at
system (Insero Live Lab). The may not be immediately
trial site involves upgrading replicated in other cities. Erik
the homes of 20 families to the Bender said: “In Denmark For further information
intelligent home of the future please contact:
with the latest technology within WKHUHLVDORWRIFRQƓGHQFHLQ EC Network
energy and ICT - linked together the government and systems; Att. : Kaj Leonart Petersen
and managed via a local smart people aren’t worried about Søren Frichsvej 42D st.
grid. The families will test the data being measured on their DK-8230 Aabyhøj
technologies in real life and homes. Culturally, this can work Tel: +45 8613 8056
develop them further in close for Denmark because of that
cooperation with suppliers, trust. We had a discussion at the
producers and manufacturers. workshop with participants from
other countries who said that one
This includes testing the Ebutler of the main concerns is that they
software used in the Aarhus are hesitant about having this
Project as well as the iESA level of data available. For them
Software (Interactive Energy
the German company Senercon and being very transparent about
in relation to energy management what the data will be used for.”

According to energy
anthropologist, Karina Svanborg,
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