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Winter 2015 European Energy Innovation


Communication is key, Erik and a colleague February 2014) were supplied According to Erik Brender,
at AffaldVarme Aarhus explaining how by Kamstrup, who also installed project manager at AffaldVarme
the system workscomparison between the second lot of 10,500 meters Aarhus: ”Currently, we are
electricity, water and heating usage (completed in December 2014). losing 283m3 water per day
In November 2014, Kamstrup which costs us around €480,000
public and private companies (3.6m dkk) per year; we expect
and knowledge institutions ZRQWKHƓQDOURXQGRIWHQGHUVIRU to reduce this loss by a half.
collaborate to make digital data 28,000 meters (to be completed Smart meters measure energy
about the city available to citizens, by 2017). The project costs used, cubic metres used and
city authorities and industry. €32.6m (243m DKK). Just over the temperatures. By combining
40% of that is funded by the these three parameters, you
Aarhus’s smart metering project is customers paying an additional
driven by AffaldVarme Aarhus, the €8 (60 DKK) per year. The FDQƓJXUHRXWYHU\DFFXUDWHO\
local district heating company. remaining 60% is funded by how much a customer needs to
AffaldVarme Aarhus is currently AffaldVarme Aarhus through the pay for the energy used in the
in the process of rolling out smart optimisation of operations. building. More accurate pre-
heat meters to 53,000 customers
(2012 - 2017), which affects Anticipated gains from the new ELOOLQJLVRQHRIWKHPDLQEHQHƓWV
around 350,000 people in the smart meter system include we gain from this smart meter roll
Aarhus region. The new intelligent out.”
heat meters automatically DGPLQLVWUDWLYHEHQHƓWVIRU
transmit the heat consumption to AffaldVarme Aarhus in terms “The data can also be used to
the supplier, replacing the annual of billing and budgeting.
self-reading of the individual Operationally, the district heating EHQHƓWEXGJHWLQJDW$IIDOG9DUPH
households. It will be one of the company expects to be able to Aarhus. With the live data now
world’s most advanced remote reduce water and heat losses available we can go online and
meter reading systems. and increase reliability of service.
7KHƓUVWPHWHUV Katrina Marshall (EC Network) how much heat has been used in
(installation completed by interviewed Erik Brender and that area over the last month. This
information will help to bridge
.DWULQH6YDQERUJWRƓQGRXWPRUH the gap between the heat that
about the project. AffaldVarme Aarhus buys and
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