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Winter 2015 European Energy Innovation 69


INNOVATIVE PARTNERSHIPS customers to have access to all eButler Interface showing a comparison
EMT Nordic and Saseco (in 2014 of their own data. This empowers between electricity, water and heating usage
Saseco merged with Kamstrup) the customer and, and is hoped,
are key partners in delivering will motivate energy savings “When looking at the data for
the IT systems needed for data through behavioural change. heat some people also start
collection and management. talking about “this is when we
EMT Nordic is responsible for $FFRUGLQJWR.DULQDŏ7KHƓUVW turned on the TV” and can start
‘EnergyKey’ which is a database hurdle is encouraging customers confusing heating with electricity.
of all customers, the transaction to log into their eButler account It emphasises the importance of
kernel which transfers data to being able to see information
and from many sources. The WRƓQGWKHLUFRQVXPSWLRQGDWD about electricity and heating (and
system has been developed as Once shown how to log into water) on the same platform, so
an open interface for possible eButler, most of the customers are that customers can visually see
future integrations, for example to really intrigued by the data and the difference.”
visualise other utility usage. often surprised by how detailed
it is. People see their lives in the Project manager Erik Bender
“A huge challenge is that utility data; “this is when I got home”, said: “AffaldVarme Aarhus has a
companies are developing “this is when my son came demo which shows how eButler
their own platforms rather home”, etc. “
than working together or
using a platform that is already About Aarhus:
developed. Currently, it is only
possible for private households
to enter their consumption data The City of Aarhus, an intelligent energy society:
manually,” said Karina Svanborg,
Energy Anthropologist at the
Danish Technological Institute, About Aarhus, State of Green:
customer reactions to the smart
meters. Visit Aarhus:
Project partner Saseco (now
Kamstrup) has developed a European Capital of Culture (ECoC) in 2017:
tool called eButler which allows
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