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4 Foreword 42 Carbon Capture and Storage: The Train 16
is Moving 51
5 Energy Efficiency – a winning argument Didier Houssin, Director of Sustainable
for Europe Energy Policy and Technology, IEA
Domonique Ristori, Director-General for
Energy, European Commission 46 The Future of European Energy Supply:
Low-carbon production through
6 Mobility from the electrical outlet? innovative policy
Michael Cramer MEP, Chairman of the Ashley Fox, MEP
Committee for Transport and Tourism
49 Carbon Capture and Storage: a
11 Looking for the frontrunners EU promising outlook in Europe
countries falling behind on raising Luke Warren, CEO, Carbon Capture and
building standards, the Buildings Storage Association
Performance Institute Europe
51 E-Mobility Supplement
16 Climate change: local action for global
results 53 E-Mobility Supplement contents page
Lot van Hooijdonk, deputy mayor of
Utrecht for transport and mobility, 73 GREECE: Supporting Energy Saving in
energy and environment and chair of the Residential Buildings – A multi-benefit
EUROCITIES Environment Forum programme
K. Mathioudakis, Secretary General for
20 Successful smart technology starts with Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry
smart consumers of environment, energy and climate
Nicolle Raven, EU affairs manager, change
75 GREECE: Potential growth of
24 Delivering an efficient EU energy system renewables and corresponding
to benefit industry, commerce and progress in Greece
homes Eva Kaili, Member of the European
Fiona Riddoch, COGEN Europe Parliament

30 Sustainable heat for our sustainable 77 GREECE: Challenges and objectives
of the Greek energy policy Centre for
cities Renewable Energy Sources & Savings
Dana Popp, External Relations and (CRES)
Communications Manager, Euroheat &

36 District Heating on the way towards a 75
carbon neutral future
Jari Kostama, Director, District Heating &
CHP, Finnish Energy Industries
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