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Mobility from the electrical outlet?

Energy companies and car manufacturers are now belting on electric cars to shift to towards sustainable
mobility. But that is not enough to make our transport more environmental friendly.

By Michael Cramer MEP, Chairman of the Committee for Transport and Tourism

really better depends on the source
of power. Renewable energy would
be ideal. But due to the current
energy mix of power, it is not
available in a sufficient amount.

In France, the hype around the
e-car is closely connected to the
interests of the nuclear lobby.
But it´s also visible in other
countries: Energy companies and
car manufacturers, two lobbies,
which benefit from the threat of
climate change, are now united in
the struggle for E-Cars. Especially
for the latter, it is just the simplest
solution to change mobility by
simply changing the way a car
works. And to many consumers
the idea seems to be attractive:
One only shifts to a new car,
rather than reconsidering their
own automobile lifestyle. But
it is not that simple to change
to a more sustainable future of

The transport sector is sector nullifies all savings in other TOO HEAVY, TOO SHORT OF
responsible for 24% sectors, by investing billions of BREATH
of all CO2 emissions Euros of our taxpayers. These Moreover the e-car is also hardly
in the EU. The road figures illustrate the need for a competitive - if only because
sector alone accounts for 72% of radical change in transport policy. it costs more than 30,000€
transport emissions in Europe. compared to one with an internal
Even worse: The emissions After the false hope in agrofuels, combustion engine for 20,000
from private vehicles and trucks many put their expectations €. The main drawbacks are the
have increased since 1990 by on electric vehicles now, which heavy batteries and the limited
28%, while they were reduced supposedly allow emission-free distances. With 60 liters of diesel
by 32% in the industry and by driving. But whether the overall a new car has a range of about
24% in private households in environmental balance - including 800 kilometers. Currently, electric
the same period. The transport the production of such vehicles - is cars can travel at best 200 km
with one battery load (that weighs
around 150 kilograms)!
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