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Summer 2015 European Energy Innovation


Research for Bioeconomy

Anew independent initiative is the result of 18 years and large industries. However,
initiative to support of experience where EUBIA given the unique capacity,
the development of dedicated its efforts to promote the flexibility and the market
biobased economy and support new industry perspectives of biobased this
is raising in Europe: its name oriented initiative, commercial sector, research activities carried
is EUBREN, the first European projects based on innovative and out at all level demonstrated to
Biomass Research Network. advanced technologies as well have a crucial role for the final
EUBREN is developed and as international strategies for takeoff of biobased economy at
supported by EUBIA, the creating an efficient exploitation commercial stage in EU.
European Biomass Industry of biomass potentials. Since
Association and it consists in 1996 EUBIA worked a lot in The European Commission
a selection of Universities and cooperation with its members, funding programmes show how
Research centers in all the 28 mainly consisting in investors, the institutions are pushing to
European Member states. The small and medium enterprises foster new projects and initiatives
where industries merge their
The European Biomass efforts with research centres
Reseach Network and universities in order to
combine investment potentials,
market influence and political
interests with high value research
activities. On the basis of this
consideration, EUBIA decided to
create a network of universities
and research centres with
valuable experience in different
biomass sectors. To this end,
the European Biomass Industry
Association is currently finalizing
the selection of universities from
all EU countries, trying its best to
involve research institutes from 28
different member states. Selected
candidates will become funding
members of EUBREN, which is
expected to start its activities from
the beginning of October 2014.

The European Biomass Research
Network aims to deeply involve
research centres in the European
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