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Summer 2015 European Energy Innovation 69


The EnAlgae legacy –
information and interconnection

After four years of
research and analysis
EnAlgae is proud
to unveil two of its
lasting legacies that will go on to
inform and interconnect people
interested in algae and the algae

The aim of EnAlgae has been The DST will be managed by Further information about the
to find sustainable pathways for our second legacy, the Algal AIN can be found on its website:
algal cultivation and bioenergy, Information Network (AIN).
and both of these outputs will This network will manage and
enable that work to flourish and implement the results obtained EnAlgae is proud of these
continue in the weeks, months by EnAlgae as well as improve outputs and the work undertaken
and years ahead. cooperation and exchange of by the project as a whole. NW
knowledge between research Europe has incredible strength
The first legacy is our Decision organisations and policy and in terms of algal research and
Support Tool (DST). This output decision makers. technology expertise and our
has captured all the evidence hope, with the help of these two
gathered from across the project The AIN, which offers free initiatives, is that investors will see
and translated it into a set of membership, will also manage real opportunities for using this
intuitive tools which can inform support centres across Europe. location as a hub of excellence
and guide businesses and These will consist of regional and knowledge to progress the
individuals who are looking to information desks, where development and growth of the
cultivate algae. designated experts will operate algae industry.
as contact points able to offer
Providing a virtual lab and virtual support and help stakeholders tap Anyone wishing to learn more
algae pilot, the DST will walk into the algae market in each of about the EnAlgae project can
people through the process the North West Europe Regions. visit l
of growing algae, the best
practices to adopt for microalgae The EnAlgae project is led by Swansea University and
and macroalgae and the likely funded by the European Union under the INTERREG IVB
outcomes which can be expected. North West Europe programme. EnAlgae unites experts
and observers from 7 EU member states to determine
Aimed at everyone from students the potential benefits to NW Europe of algae as a future
to businesses and even policy sustainable resource for bioenergy and remediation of
makers, the DST is there for waste streams.
anyone who needs to access
credible scientific information on Follow us on Twitter: Find us on Facebook:
growing, harvesting, processing @EnAlgae_NWE
and using algae. @SwanseaUni
There is nothing which currently
exists that is similar to our DST,
and we hope it will enable
accelerated adoption and
promotion of algal technologies
in NW Europe.
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