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(NextGen Onera Versatile Aircraft)

ONERA, the French Aerospace Lab

Current airliners are focus on game changing The current trend for engines is
the direct heirs of aircraft configurations to face toward lower fan pressure ratio
aerodynamic and many challenges: ambitious (and higher bypass ratio), which
propulsive formulas environmental targets, depletion has to be compensated by larger
developed in the 50s and 60s, of oil resources and the cost mass flow rate. To deliver this
such as the Boeing 707. These reduction of aircraft operation. increased mass flow rate, the fan
“tube and wing” aircraft have These challenges are even more diameter must be larger, making
been optimized over the last ambitious since air traffic is the integration of such engines on
50 years, thanks to technical expected to double in the 15 next conventional aircraft a challenge.
progress enabling a considerable years.
reduction in fuel consumption, WHAT IS NOVA?
noise and emissions. But the The search for reduced fuel NOVA (Nextgen Onera Versatile
remaining gains to be obtained consumption of future transport Aircraft) is a concept of medium-
by this scheme are now very aircraft involves an improvement haul transport aircraft taking
low. Research must therefore of the propulsive efficiency. advantage of several disruptive
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