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The Institute of Aviation

The Institute of Aviation
is one of the oldest
research centres in
Europe. It was formally
established in 1926 but its roots
date back to 1918. Over 89 years
of its history, researchers and
engineers working at the Institute
of Aviation have made outstanding
contributions to the economy and
defence of Poland. Before World
War Two, all Polish airplanes were
manufactured or tested by the
Warsaw Institute of Aviation.

Currently, the Institute employs Research Establishments (EREA), co-operates with the Ohio State
more than 1,700 engineers, an organisation aimed at University in Columbus, Ohio,
scientists, researchers, of which consolidation, coordination and USA. Both partners found it
1,250 are in their late 20s or early implementation of joint activities. mutually beneficial to implement
30s. On 7 June 2010, in Luebbenau, joint projects in the areas of
Germany, the International Forum research co-operation, exchange
In recent years, new laboratories for Aviation Research (IFAR) programmes for students,
have been established within the was established. The Institute of teachers and researchers,
Institute including the world’s Aviation, as a representative of (lectures, studies, scientific
second largest laboratory of Poland in the organisation, played research) as well as workshops,
pressure testing of equipment an important role in its formation symposiums, etc. on topics of
for the petroleum and natural as one of the co-founders. common interests. They also
gas extraction industry. The release joint publications,
Institute’s key research areas The Institute of Aviation defines its research papers and scientific and
include: space technology, strategy as “provision of services technical literature. l
aviation and rocket engines, in the global research market”.
materials science, aerodynamics, The global market demands There are five research departments in the
composite material technologies, the highest competitiveness of Institute:
engineering and testing of the offered research services
aircrafts, noise from aviation and leading to the development Centre of New Technologies, Engineering
research in the area of petroleum of new technologies. Poland’s Design Center, Materials and Structures
and natural gas extraction. The accession to the European Union Research Centre, Centre of Space Technologies,
Institute of Aviation is also a host opened up more opportunities Centre for Composite Technologies.
of international conferences and of co-operation with universities,
symposiums and a facilitator of scientific institutions, research Director of the Institute of Aviation
global research projects. institutes and industrial Professor Witold Wiśniowski Ph.D. Eng.
laboratories in Europe, Americas, Tel: (+48) 22 846 09 93
The Institute of Aviation is Asia, Australia and Africa. The Fax: (+48) 22 846 29 12
a member to Polish and Institute closely co-operates with Email:
international research and global leaders of the aviation
technology organisations and industry including General Electric,
associations. Since February Boeing, Airbus, Pratt&Whitney,
2005, the Institute is a partner of Sikorsky and Rolls-Royce.
the AERONET “Aviation Valley”
project, a consortium of high The Warsaw Institute of Aviation Address: The Institute of Aviation
profile academic units. In April al. Krakowska 110/114, 02-256 Warsaw, Poland
2008, the Institute of Aviation
was accepted as a member of
the association of European
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