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To give consumers the possibility Figure 2: Stages of Optimal Consumer Experience Development (Empower
to get more detailed insight Demand II)
in their energy consumption
and/or production, additional metering systems should include
information flows are generated advance tariff structures, time-
by the meter. This information has of-use registers and remote tariff
typically a high time resolution, control. This will help consumers
such as 1-10 seconds time base, and network operators to achieve
so consumption/production energy efficiencies and save costs
patterns can be generated that by reducing the peaks in energy
can give insight in the energy demand. The Council of European
profile households and specific Energy Regulators (CEER) has
in-home devices. In a majority defined the characteristics
of the EU member states, the “Reliable, Affordable, Simple and
consumer will be able to decide Protected” in order to make these
if this information is generated, services attractive to consumers.
where this information goes and
by whom it can be used. To make consumers smart, Nicolle Raven worked as a public affairs
it is absolutely crucial that consultant in the energy and healthcare sector.
By making this distinction in governments, regulators, After working for the European Commission,
information flows, not only different players in the energy she is now EU Affairs manager for ESMIG.
consumers have better insight market and industry assume
and control regarding the type their responsibility in informing,
of data and its destination, protecting and empowering
but it is also possible to take consumers. l
the appropriate measures for
protection depending on the risks About ESMIG
related to the disclosure of this
information. ESMIG is the European voice of the providers of smart energy solutions. Our
members provide products, information technology and services for multi-commodity
EMPOWER metering, display and management of energy consumption and production at
The process of bringing new consumer premises.
meter technology into the
market has started. Smart ESMIG drives the timely introduction of efficient and scalable consumer–friendly
Meter roll-out is imminent, but products and services fundamental to the participation of end-users in the smart
the inclusion of functionalities energy and water systems of Europe’s future
required for empowering
consumers to manage their
energy consumption with the
help of a smart meter is extremely
important, and not present in
each Member State. Accurate,
user-friendly and timely readings
provided directly from the
interface of customer’s choice to
the customer and any third party
designated by the consumer are
strongly recommended since they
are the key to running demand
response services, taking ‘online’
energy-saving decisions and
effective integration of distributed
energy resources. Also, smart
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