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cities as drivers of social change

CIVIS rises from the for CIVIS Platform, consortium engaging with CIVIS Platform,
consideration that partners have been busy in while CIVIS partners will work for
energy may be turned implementing a complex sensor the identification of new business
into a good that and communication infrastructure models that can support the
people can consume, generate for the flow of energy data. emergence of new forms of social
and allocate on the basis of their Moreover, in order to get a innovation connected to energy,
needs, preferences and values. The clearer picture of the local social innovative forms of combining the
project explores the potential of dynamics and cultural values, new opportunities given by ICT
social networks and communities project partners have developed with energy efficiency and fresh
to reduce energy use and carbon a Simulation Model of Integrated ways of being neighbours.
emissions. It will achieve this Energy System and organised
by deploying and testing an IT focus-groups and workshop CIVIS CONSORTIUM AND INFO
platform that enables a new, smart sessions with local stakeholders Co-financed by the European
model of energy management for and citizens. Commission within the seventh
individuals and communities. framework for scientific research,
Beyond the understanding of CIVIS is run by an international
CIVIS uses an experiment-driven local infrastructural and societal consortium coordinated by
R&D approach that involves four environments, CIVIS partners the University of Trento and
pilot neighbourhoods, two of also worked at a higher level composed of 11 partners: Aalto
which are located in Italy (Trento) for understanding market and University, Enel Foundation, KTH
and two in Sweden (Stockholm). regulatory barriers standing in - Royal Institute of Technology
Project partners will test and the way of renewable energy Stockholm, TNO, Imperial College
evaluate the technology, clarify innovations. London, Instituto Superior
business potential and estimate Técnico, TU Delft, Santer Reply
the impact of anticipated THE BEST HAS YET TO COME! SpA, Create–Net, KIT - Karlsruhe
deployment on a European scale. The forthcoming months will Institute of Technology, and Bruno
see prosumers and consumers Kessler Foundation (IT). l
NURTURING THE IDEA OF A For more information:
The Socially Smart Grid concept, Website:
which depicts the eco-system Facebook:
of values, technologies and YouTube:
dynamics supported by the CIVIS
platform, has been devised to
support the implementation
of actions in the project’s pilot
sites. These activities have been
designed in close collaboration
with local energy companies,
citizens groups and local
administrations in order to
capitalise on existing local energy
needs and fit existing cultural and
social values.

To enable the data loop required
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