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The 13,000 sq. ft. facility into the behaviour of these individual project basis allowing
comprises of a unique 11kV solutions, potentially leading for small companies and start-ups
and LV network environment to enhancements in the to gain access to the facility and
representative of various performance of solutions and its resources.
networks, secure test bays, accelerating their acceptability
MW-scale MG Set, dedicated to end users. The Centre has an open access
SCADA control room and real- philosophy underpinned with
time simulation suite. This affords • The ability to conduct collaborative practices. The CEO
the pre-commercial testing accelerated testing by creating of the Centre, David Rutherford
of HV and LV equipment and several testing conditions is keen to ensure that the facility
secondary control, protection within a short period of time maintains its open door approach.
and measurement systems. The that may never be witnessed “The facility is unique in its
centre has a unique frequency by typical field trial’s life span. capability, being able to develop
and voltage variation capability validate and demonstrate
along with a fault throwing • Characterising system products in a real distribution
functionality which is useful in problems where simulation network environment. The
validation and development may not be suitable for doing Centre is open to anyone with an
activities. so (e.g. realistic and varied interesting and relevant project
behaviour of inverters). that may make a contribution to
The PNDC’s purpose is to the low carbon future in a UK,
undertake a range of innovative There are two ways in which European or global setting”.
projects that will accelerate the companies can engage with
proving and adoption of new the Centre. As a member, IN FOCUS – HYBRID BUS
‘smart’ technologies. companies gain access to and PROJECT AND INDUCTION
have input in shaping the Core CHARGING
The centre provides a unique Research Programme. This is This project seeks to develop a
platform for conducting applied in partnership with leading hybrid bus that can be charged
research in the following ways: academics and provides a unique on-route using inductive
opportunity to bring academia charging. On-route charging
• Testing solutions in a realistic and industry together to innovate. allows the bus to extend the
power system setting, which Alternatively, companies can range it can operate in electric
can provide more insight engage with the Centre on an mode, thereby requiring a smaller


Power Electronics & Distributed Integrating new power electronics based systems and distributed energy resources
Energy Resources into the power network. Applications include Electric Vehicles (EVs) and off-grid power

Protection & Control Ensuring that the protection of future networks is fit for purpose to enable the vision of a
secure and reliable smart grid.

Sensors & Measurement Developing novel sensors and characterising emerging sensor technologies to give
greater system and plant observability.
Asset Management
Realising methodologies for the management of asset condition and maintenance
Communications & Systems practices and risk and cost analysis to support effective decision-making.
Network & Demand Side Investigating existing, emerging and novel communications technologies to support the
Management better integration of smart grid sub systems.

Creating systems and schemes for the real-time operational management of distribution
networks that meet emerging commercial and technical objectives.
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