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Summer 2015 European Energy Innovation


Smart metering opens up new

While many European countries are in the stage of migrating to remote Infrastructure is a purposeful
energy metering, in the Northern Europe, smart metering is developing monitoring and planning tool that
at a fast pace as an essential element of smart grid. At the same time, the provides near to real-time picture
requirements for the Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solution’s about the distribution network in
functionality and related business benefits are increasing. a very detailed level.

The recent large smart metering grid management and service Take, for example, the metering
projects for example in Norway operations while also addressing points as intelligent sensors
are stretching the role of AMI the environmental and energy installed in each house. In
far beyond remote meter challenges of the 21st century. addition to energy consumption
reading. The focus is in providing data, the metering devices
comprehensive support for the BUILDING THE BIG PICTURE provide information about
utilities’ business operations. The When planned carefully the consumption point’s load
big challenge – and at the same and integrated with utility’s quality variations as well as
time a substantial opportunity – distribution management details of failures or disturbances
lies in deploying AMI for effective system, Automated Metering which may be caused by
malfunctioning electrical supply
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