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Summer 2014 European Energy Innovation


make sure that this is achievable,
CommONEnergy has a network of
supporting shopping centres that
will be involved in the modelling
process of the solution-sets in
order to measure the energy
savings. The network is made up of
Donauzentrum, (Vienna, Austria),
the Grand Bazar in Antwerp, the
Waasland Shopping Center in Sint-
Niklaas (Belgium) – shopping centres
managed by Devimo -, Katané
(Catania, Italy), and others. Another
aspect that is meant to assure
transferability of experiences relates
to the training of practitioners.

Waasland Shopping Center, Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. As mentioned before, the needs
Courtesy of Devimo Consult ( of the community can be reflected
in the choices of shopping malls
even practical applications. • Power peak shaving, owners and managers to opt for
The effectiveness of these sustainable practices. This project
solutions will be tested on three • 50% increased share of aims to impact a broad audience
demonstration cases in Italy, renewable energy source and create awareness among
favoured by intelligent energy customers. It’s about changing
Norway and Spain where management and effective mind sets in order to adopt more
consumption levels will be storage, sustainable consumption by
reduced, comfort conditions making people responsible for
improved and environmental • Improvement of comfort their own decisions.
impacts estimated through life- and health conditions for
cycle assessment. occupants and visitors. As an integral part of modern
society, shopping centres
CommONEnergy favours deep CommONEnergy sets out to hold a great deal of untapped
systems retrofitting compared to achieve these targets with a short energy efficiency potential. As
single-action refurbishments. This pay-back time (below 7 years), long as retailers continue to
approach has higher benefits, as the financial consideration make progress towards carbon
allows for more ambitious often weights substantially when neutrality and to recognize
performance targets and covers investing in improving energy all the benefits it brings,
more aspects. With regard to the performance. others will follow with carbon
performance objectives taken neutrality commitments. The
into consideration by the project As a result, 10 to 20 systemic- CommONEnergy project was
it assume: solution-sets will be developed set up to further push this
within the project allowing for process. In order to advance
• Up to 75% reduction of energy replication and transferability even further, retailers should
demand (factor 4), to a wider range of cases. To consider setting energy or climate
goals to gain buy-in throughout
the organization, communicate
long-term plans and build a
relationship with customers
based on their environmental
accountability. l
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