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Summer 2014 European Energy Innovation 59


Mercado Del Val, Valladolid

built and have to find solutions to groups were created (Energy and buildings, testing project pilots
maintain their development whilst Environment, Mobility, Citizens “video-to-video” for the provision
minimising impacts. European and eAdministration) leading of services to citizens and the
mayors exchange knowledge to the emergence of specific use of ICT to optimise the energy
and gather public and private projects. The Mercado del Val usage of public spaces.5”, say Ana
players in a coordinated effort. rehabilitation aims at showcasing Quijano from CARTIF and Teresa
Exemplary cities (or communities) existing technologies available Redondo from the Valladolid’s
are developing roadmaps setting to make commercial spaces City Hall.
out possible actions that respond less energy demanding and
to the challenges that cities of the GHG emitting. This renovation Cities are uniting to be stronger.
future face: job security, health, is part of CommONEnergy4, a More than 40 European cities
GHG decrease and mobility. The European project investigating have signed the Green Digital
same cities are usually highlighted: the integration of innovative Charter committing them to
Vienna, London, Paris, Berlin technologies into three shopping work with other cities on ICT and
and Copenhagen (the European centres in Spain, Norway and Italy. energy efficiency. This initiative
Green Capital 2014, it aspires launched in 2009 allows them
to achieve carbon neutrality by “The collaboration among both to learn from one another and
2025). But other cities are doing municipalities with CARTIF as share information. Another
great and have demonstrated high technical secretary has allowed alliance representing more than
innovation capacities. the development of other a thousand cities, Energy Cities,
innovative proposals to renovate recently asked the EU Council
The Spanish cities Valladolid residential urban spaces and President for binding 2030
and Palencia have developed
an interurban brand, Smart City 1. Boyd Cohen’s 6-components model explained in details:
VyP3, to market their ambition
and projects. The objectives are: 2. Let’s do it world:
an increased cooperation and
international visibility, improved 3. Valladolid Smart City
service quality and citizens
satisfaction, innovation and 4. CommONEnergy FP7 Project
secured sustainability. Working
5. R2CITIES FP7 Project ;
Campus 21 FP7 Project ;
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