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Red Electrica de España (REE)

RED ELECTRICA DE ESPAÑA Representatives from European Commission, Spanish Ministry of Economy
(REE) is the solely Spanish and Competitiveness, local authorities, manufacturer and REE staff visiting the
Transmission and System equipment developed in ESP-LIDER at Torres de Segre 220kV ES
Operator (TSO) and has been
the pioneer entity (since 1985) in TWENTIES: In TWENTIES operation of power systems.
assuming these responsibilities project, supported by 7th EC After the successful set up in
as such segregated activities. The Framework Program, REE has operation of the system, two
constant seek for excellence over acted as Project Coordinator of functionalities are being tested
the years is clearly reflected in the 26 companies involved with aimed at favoring the integration
the strong commitment of REE a budged amounting to €57m of renewable energies and
with innovation which is currently during 42 months. The overall the improvement of operation
performed in the framework of objective of this project was to services (load curve modulation
the Innovation and Technological advance in the development of and power-frequency regulation).
Development Plan 2012-2016 new technologies to the massive In later phases, the installation will
(Plan12-16). incorporation of wind power in serve as a test platform in order to
the European electricity system evaluate the possible contribution
The overall objectives of Plan12-16 and thereby contribute to the of this technology to other
are to acquire the necessary know achievement of the EU goals on operation services, the increase
how to master those technologies energy by 2020. This has been of grid flexibility, the stability of
that might be key in TSO business done through six full scale demos the system, etc. The system is in
from medium to long term, to in different countries (Spain, service since the end of 2013.
consolidate REE’s international Denmark, France and Belgium) (
leadership and to improve the and the results have been rdi-projects/almacena)
company performance in its analyzed in deep to evaluate the
present activities. economic benefits of the tested ESP-LIDER: This project aims to
solutions as well as their potential design and manufacture a Static
With this aim, the Plan12-16 was scalability. The project has Synchronous Series Compensator
designed by the end of 2011, concluded in September 2013 (SSSC) type FACTS device for
with the involvement of all the and the results are available in the its field validation. This is the
technical areas, taken into account project website (www.twenties- first experience with this type of
three strategic pillars: (1) the REE device in Spain at a voltage level
group strategic plan for 2011- of 220kV. Furthermore, the project
2015, (2) the EU Energy Policy ALMACENA: The project will yield the studies, models and
for 2020, and particularly the consists of the field installation simulations necessary to develop
principles of SET Plan, and (3) the of an energy storage system, power electronics in the Spanish
2020-2030 long term prospective specifically a lithium-ion prismatic electricity grid thus providing
assessment. It includes a set of Battery, with a power in the range the necessary knowledge to the
indicators and tools to measure of 1 MW and a capacity of at least research sector (both public and
its added value (from project 3 MWh, with the aim to evaluate private). The project receives funds
results to the contribution of R&D the technical performances from domestic R&D supporting
activities to the achievement of and characteristics this type of program, INNPACTO (http://www.
corporate strategic objectives). facilities currently offers as a tool
to improve the efficiency of the aE& ●
During the last years REE
expenditure in R&D has increased
amounting € 14.5m in 2013 which
represents a 0.84% of the annual
regulated revenue.

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