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Summer 2014 European Energy Innovation


The EERA: Aligning national

energy research programmes

within the ERA1

By Hervé Bernard, Chairman of EERA and Deputy CEO of CEA (FR)

The European Energy Today, EERA and its Joint Geoghegan-Quinn stated at
Research Alliance Programmes is an acknowledge last year SET-plan conference in
(EERA) supports stakeholder in the SET-plan Dublin that
the coordination of and the implementation hereof
European energy research through Horizon2020. And By aligning and coordinating
for a low carbon Europe. This beyond Europe, several of our JPs the institutional and competitive
is done by bringing research have also established themselves funding committed under
organizations to work together as important interlocutors national research programmes,
in the framework of the alliance’s for research and industry which accounts for 88% of the
15 EERA Joint Programmes (JPs). stakeholders from around the public research investments in
EERA has worked towards this globe. Europe, we can better exploit our
direction since its birth in 2008 resources for maximum societal
and during this time we have What is the reason for our success impact.
grown from the 10 founding so far?
organizations to more than This is what EERA is all about:
250 participating organizations First of all EERA has benefited supporting research activities
actively involved in our 15 JPs. from being a recognized part of based on excellence criteria
the SET-plan since its beginning. in order to focus partners’
Hervé Bernard As the official public research strengths where they are
pillar of the SET-plan, EERA has most efficient. Throughout the
profited from having a clear year, our Joint Programmes’
policy framework and the visibility participants are actively working
that it provides. As part of this, together, meeting in formal
EERA has always benefited from steering committees, in scientific
a good and constructive dialogue workshops or working together
with the European Commission on pilot projects or updating each
including the Commission’s other on current state of the art in
financial support for the EERA the various technologies. Through
secretariat. these activities we are providing
our contribution to a better use
Secondly, EERA has from its of resources and to speed up the
beginning had a unique focus societal impact of our individual
on coordinating our research research activities.
activities based on the institutions’
own resources. The European In this way, European structuring
Commissioner for Research for energy research seems to
and Innovation, Mrs Máire make good progress; we can

1. European Research Area.
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