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The Institute of Aviation

The Institute of Aviation air and space are developed
takes part in numerous to investigate the health of
projects promoting forests and other green areas.
a green aerospace Such activities help protect the
industry. environment around Europe. l

Novel aircraft configurations Right: Hybrid rocket engine
are investigated at the Institute using hight-test peroxide. Below:
in a search for more efficient The Institue of Aviation. Bottom:
aerodynamics. New composite Novel aircraft configuration
materials, their design techniques investigated in the wind tunnel.
and manufacturing procedures
are developed to decrease
vehicle mass. Both types of efforts
lead to reduced fuel consumption
and lower pollutants emissions.

New concepts of multimodal
transport are analysed at the
Institute. These include the Small
Aircraft Transport subsystem, which
aims to enable energy-efficient,
door-to-door travel, within 4 hours,
between any two locations inside
the whole EU, including areas
where rail and highway transport
is not justifiable due to very sparse
passenger streams.

Advanced combustion processes
are also investigated, detonation
combustion in particular. This
is much more efficient than the
conventional process, so it should
help decrease greenhouse gases

The Institute also works on Contact details:
developing green propellants Instytut Lotnictwa
technologies, including biofuels
for aircraft and high-test peroxide al. Krakowska 110/114
for spacecraft. The former 02-256 Warszawa
decreases the fraction of fossil Poland
fuels used by aviation, while the
latter reduces the amount of toxic
propellants applied in rockets and

Moreover, image analysis
methods for pictures taken from
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