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50  Spring 2016 European Energy Innovation



Intelligent Fast Interconnected and Efficient devices for Frontier       
Exploitation in Research and Industry

INFIERI is an inter-disciplinary and       3.	 The use of advanced                  technology are made possible. Key to
multi-national network, aimed                  Silicon sensors and Silicon          success is: strong collaboration among
to train young physicists and                  photomultipliers technology with     partners from Academics and High-
engineers in developing, designing             advanced data processing for         Tech Institutes and Firms
and managing intelligent devices and           Astrophysics, Particle Physics and
tools for cutting-edge applications in         Positron Emission Tomography in      • WP3 on New Data Transmission
the fields of Astrophysics, Particle           Medicine.                            Technologies for the transfer of data
Physics, Medical Physics, and                                                       from detector modules to the far-end
Telecommunications, also exploiting        The research and R&D are arranged        processors, with high-rate and high
their technological spin-offs and cross-   around Workpackages WP’s among           speed data transfer conditions, in
field synergies.                           which:                                   harsh environments, are vital to future
                                                                                    experiments and a number of real-life
The network gathers leading                • WP1 on Intelligent Front-End (on-      applications:
academic institutes, European              instrument) Processing,
laboratories (NIKHEF, RAL), high-tech      For developing advanced signal           WP3 targets unprecedented transfer
companies (PHILIPS, THALES) as full        processing on the Front End Readout      rates with low mass, radiation hard
partners. Associated partners in Europe    Electronics (FEE) on-detector for        devices, novel optical wireless
(CERN, several leading companies and       Astrophysics, High Energy Physics        communication, and, given the
Universities), the USA (FNAL, Purdue       (HEP) and Medical Imaging Instruments    large number of data links, their
University, Tezzaron Semiconductor)        for performing, in sometimes very        interconnectivity.
and Korea (Seoul National University,      harsh conditions, an efficient data
SAMSUNG SAIT) bring advanced               reduction and selection, based on        • WP4 on Massive Parallel & High
and complementary scientific and           a real time understanding of the         Performance Computing
technological expertise.                   Physics and diagnoses.
                                           This early stage decision making         The High Level Trigger of a large area
The Research & Training program is         implies major technological              telescope system will combine and
focused on specific case applications,     breakthroughs, in the Front-End          appropriately handle the information
which require innovative technical         Electronics circuits based on advanced   from all the individual components
solutions for an extremely fast            microelectronics that process the        (telescopes) of the network. Innovative
on-instrument signal processing, a         signals from Silicon PM’s (SiPMs) and    aspect for the Medical application
proficient event selection phase, an       Silicon sensors all based on most        includes a high level processing to
efficient transmission and a final step    advanced technologies.                   treat the information delivered by the
of high-level data filtering: these are                                             highly pixelated Imaging device. HEP
the goals of the Research & Training of    • WP2 on R&D and Applications of         Level 1 Trigger will require matching
INFIERI.                                   New Interconnect Technologies with       the charged tracks with the calorimeter
                                           the development of 3D vertically         or the muon system information
The three main applications on which       interconnected devices, enabling         for identifying peculiar features of
the INFIERI program is focused are:        extreme compactness and very high        interesting Physics processes. It implies
                                           speed for future CMOS architectures.     developing and testing the use of new
1.	 The new ways to exploit the            3D Integration can create intelligent    advanced technology for processing in
    tracking system information            detectors and data processing            real time huge amount of data.
    in real-time trigger filters for       elements with unprecedented
    exploring New Physics in the harsh     capabilities.                            This WP is closely related to Massive
    environment of the Large Hadron                                                 Parallel Computing developments
    Collider (LHC) at CERN, running        A new intimate mixing of                 (hardware & firmware) and to
    at the highest luminosity in the next  technologies, achievable only within 3D  Advanced Telecommunications
    decade.                                integrated circuits, permits per-pixel   Computing Architecture (ATCA).
                                           processing and evaluation circuitry
2.	 The next largest terrestrial           that reduces power and increases         The INFIERI project aims maintaining
    telescopes array data systems,         detector sensitivity.                    Europe leadership, at the forefront
    made of numerous detectors spread                                               of the top research fields and high
    over kilometres, for Astrophysics.     Entirely new advances in detector        technology domains it addresses. l

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