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Spring 2016 European Energy Innovation  49

                                          FACTORIES OF THE FUTURE

this understanding is central to our      models for production, and factory     measuring the key factors affecting the
approach. To date the ‘Factories of the   energy and resource planning           environmental and economic impact.
Future’ programme has launched more       tools. The ultimate aim is to achieve  As part of this process the project
than 200 research and innovation          a substantial increase in energy-      will develop new business models to
projects with more to follow. ‘Factories  efficiency through the intelligent     increase energy-efficiency so that it is
of the Future’ projects tackle the        employment of renewable energy         not simply a matter for one technology
challenge of energy efficiency through    technologies.                          or another, but rather a holistic
different approaches. A number of                                                strategy.
examples illustrate such approaches.      Another energy-focused project is
                                          MEMAN, which is concerned with         With an emphasis on sustainable
The REEMAIN project focuses on            integral material and energy-flow      predictive maintenance, the SUPREME
resource and energy-efficiency in         management. It is focusing on how      project aims to develop and use
manufacturing through innovation          energy and raw materials flow through  advanced signal and data processing
in technologies for better use of         a production chain, analysing all the  dedicated to predictive maintenance
renewables, predictive simulation         stages of a manufacturing process and  and the reduction of energy

                                                                                 These three project examples show
                                                                                 how the ‘Factories of the Future’
                                                                                 partnership is addressing the
                                                                                 challenge of greater energy efficiency
                                                                                 through different approaches with
                                                                                 research and innovation that can
                                                                                 be applied within specific sectors
                                                                                 or across them. This application
                                                                                 means that the ‘Factories of the
                                                                                 Future’ partnership will substantially
                                                                                 contribute to reducing energy
                                                                                 consumption. Looking towards
                                                                                 the future it is already possible to
                                                                                 foresee factories which are low
                                                                                 energy consumers, production lines
                                                                                 which drive efficiencies to new levels
                                                                                 and factories that are sites of self-
                                                                                 generation. Realising such possibilities
                                                                                 requires both ambition and vision.
                                                                                 Europe’s ‘Factories of the Future’
                                                                                 partnership has both. l

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