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Spring 2016 European Energy Innovation  5


The publishers of European Energy          Foreword
Innovation would like to offer their
sincere thanks to all individuals and      Welcome to the Spring Issue of EEI, which focuses upon Shipping and
organisations who have contributed         Manufacturing. We are delighted to feature Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc,
editorial images photos and illustrations  who explores how European transport is contributing to the fight against climate
to the magazine. Whilst every effort       change. She draws our attention to the importance of the task ahead, and how
has been made to ensure accuracy           new technologies, new organisation and new legislation can contribute to the
of the content, the publishers of          decarbonisation of transport. Jos Delbeke, Director-General at DG Climate Action
European Energy Innovation accept no       emphasises the importance of the COP21 agreement as a turning point in that
responsibility for errors or omissions.    fight. He discusses how shipping emissions are expected to rise sharply in the
                                           absence of further measures, but that initiatives such as The Energy Efficiency
The contents of European Energy            Design Index; and market-based measures and the anticipated global adoption
Innovation are protected by copyright.     by the IMO of EU-MRV, the EU’s own monitoring system together can help the
                                           shipping sector play its part in achieving the emissions reductions called for
All rights reserved.                       in Paris. In his excellent review, Mark Clintworth from the EIB examines the
                                           legislative environment (such as SECA and the sulphur directive) and its funding
European Energy Innovation is              implications for an industry that contributed €56 billion to EU GDP and €6 Billion
published by:                              in EU tax revenues in 2012. Patrick Kennedy of EFFRA discusses REEMAIN,
Prologue Media Ltd                         MEMAN, and SUPREME, three projects under the €1.5 Billion ‘Factories of the
1a Shire Lane                              Future’ initiative, while distinguished trio Maher Chebbo, Patrick van Hove, and
Chorleywood                                Professor Nikos Hatziargyriou explore the role of digital technologies in a 21st
Hertfordshire WD3 5NQ                      century low-emission energy system. With intelligent contributions from MEPs
United Kingdom                             Pilar del Castillo, Seán Kelly and Karima Delli; and a forward-looking article from
                                           Hans ten Berge of EURELECTRIC, there is a great deal more for you to read inside.
Tel: +44 1923 286238            Meanwhile, there is a tide of migrants flowing across a sea of misery, to be
                                           washed up on European shores that seem less prepared and less hospitable. The
To obtain additional copies please email   situation in Syria, Greece, Macedonia, Turkey and elsewhere is both desperately           sad and increasingly urgent; and it begs the question how much worse must it
                                           have been to force so many to make that journey; indeed, how much worse still
EDITOR                                     it must be for those left behind. We cannot ignore the humanitarian catastrophe
Michael Edmund                             that is unfolding, for even if it does not yet directly concern the energy         community, there are nevertheless indirect consequences of the assimilation of
                                           large numbers of new Europeans: consequences for planning, infrastructure,
BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR              transport - and energy. All this is to say nothing of the ramifications of increased
Philip Beausire                            border controls and their effect upon the flow of goods and services across the         continent; and of distraction from the situation in Ukraine, with all this entails for
                                           oil and gas pipelines from the East.
Sophia Silvert                             There is also a great deal more to think about.
Mob: +32 4737 30322         Michael Edmund


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