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Spring 2016 European Energy Innovation


6	 Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW)

8	 How is European transport

contributing to the fight against

8 climate change?                                   32	 CO2: New problem, new solution.
Violeta Bulc, EU Commissioner for

Transport                                           But is the old solution better?

                                                    Michael Edmund, Editor

10	 Energy Labelling: More than just a              36	 Smart Manufacturing

Ashley Fox, MEP                                     Pilar del Castillo, MEP, Industry,
                                                    Energy and Research Committee

14	 After Paris 2015, how shipping can              (ITRE)

contribute to efforts to limit climate

change                                              40	 Digitalisation of Energy: a vision
Jos Delbeke, Director-General, DG                         becoming today a reality,

Climate Action, European Commission                 Maher Chebbo, Chairman of
                                                    the ETP SmartGrids Energy

17	 How a market-driven approach can                Digitalisation group, Patrick van

20 instigate change towards green                   Hove, Senior Expert Smart Energy

shipping                                            Systems at European Commission

Gesine Meissner, MEP                                DG Research & Innovation and Prof.

20	 Global LNG Markets: An                          Nikos Hatziargyriou, Chairman of
                                                    the ETP Smartgrids

opportunity we must not miss

Sean Kelly, MEP                                     42	 DSOs to take on new roles in an

23	 LNG CASE (Clean Available Safe                  evolving energy market
      Economical) in shipping                       Hans Ten Berge, Secretary-General,
      Katarzyna Chrulska (GIE)                      EURELECTRIC

26	 EU Maritime Environmental                       48	 Factories of the Future : Energy
      Regulations – Who pays?                             Efficiency in re-Industrialisation
                                                          Patrick Kennedy, EFFRA

32 Mark Clintworth, Head of Shipping,
European Investment Bank                            53	 Bringing the Power of Heat to the

28	 Impact of transition to low carbon              European Assembly Line
                                                    Roberto Francia, Managing Director,

vehicles on oil prices and energy                   COGEN Europe – The European
security                                            Association for the Promotion of

Nicoló Gasparin, Chair of the                       Cogeneration
Automotive Battery Committee

(ABC) of Eurobat                                    55	 Waste-to-Energy in the European

30	 Tackling transport emissions at EU              Union
      level thanks to sustainable urban             Lighea Speziale and Lorenzo


Karima Delli, Greens-EFA                            57	 Energy efficient technologies

Member of European Parliament,                      for data centres, Operational

42 Coordinator of Transport Committee Intelligence

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