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An example from Lloyd’s Register’s trim optimisation software, LR TrimOS. However CFD is not only
Optimisation of a ship by using CFD. applicable to newbuildings
and trim optimisation. It can
Read more here: for instance also be applied for
modification of the ship’s bulbous
bow, so that this suits the actual
operations profiles better (which
is often lower speed than the
ship was originally designed for)
or it could be design of stern,
propellers, rudder and so forth.

Measurement of a ship’s
performance is an important
parameter and since the
measurement of a ship’s
performance is rather complex,
then it is necessary to have a
good performance monitoring
system in order to identify
smaller savings. Many parameters
influence the performance of a
ship and a ship never has two
identical journeys. Variances
in draft, trim, speed, current,
wind and weather etc. thus it is
important to compare apples
with apples in a consistent way in
order to draw useful conclusions
of such measurements.

Many shipowners are working
intensely in either implementing
or improving existing
performance monitoring systems
and Lloyd’s Register is assisting
with this. It is also very interesting
to measure a ship’s performance
over time, because it makes it
possible to identify how slow or
fast performance drops.

Two things are certain – that the
focus on energy efficiency has
become an integrated part of
the maritime business and that
transportation by sea remains the
number one most environmental
friendly means of transporting
goods. l
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