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Renewable Energy:
a heady cocktail of fact and faith; of

Bad is never good – until worse happens –Danish Proverb

By Mike Edmund, Editor

Ever-higher global Energy Company DONG Energy, and national energy consumption data is
temperatures, ever-smaller it is salutary to examine how Danish available online in almost real-time.
icecaps and ever-greater energy policy is confronting the issue
concentrations of atmospheric of climate change. According to Meanwhile, The Danish Energy Agency
CO2: measurement of climate-related Eurostat, the share of renewable energy attributes much of the country’s
parameters might tell us the facts, but produced in Denmark rose from 23.8% progress to the wind: Denmark, it says,
what are we to make of them: is the to 43.1% in the ten years 2004 - 2013. has more than 5000 wind turbines,
situation bad? How bad? By the way, comparable figures, for the which in 2013 supplied almost 30
EU28 are substantially lower: a rise from per cent of the country’s domestic
One answer may be found in the 14.32% to 25.37% over that period. electricity. It was therefore no surprise
words of Danish industrialist Jakob The Danes would appear to be taking to read one windy day in July this
Askou Bøss. Commenting upon the something of a lead in renewables, year that the turbines had briefly
forthcoming COP21 Meeting in Paris, which in part arises from The Danish generated 140% of national electricity
he observed that “We need a global Energy Agency’s National Allocation demand, with the excess being taken
climate agreement”. Climate change Plan (NAP), a “central element in up through interconnections into
is surely a global issue, and in those Denmark’s commitments to reducing its neighbouring Germany, Norway and
six letters word surely lies the key to greenhouse gas emissions”. According Sweden. Interestingly, 40% of this
progress in Paris. to the Agency, the NAP documents a surplus ‘free’ electricity went to Norway,
country’s climate efforts meticulously, which is able to store it in hydropower
Jakob Askou Bøss is Senior Vice and a part of this meticulousness surely systems for use later. These events raise
President at Danish State-owned involves public awareness. To this end, interesting questions about European
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