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Danish offshore on the move

With nearly 50 years experience from complex offshore oil and gas fields, more than 20 years’ offshore wind

expertise and the synergy between the two sectors Denmark has a unique position. Innovation continues to

move the sector forward.

The development of the offshore industry. In connection “This stability and procedures
Danish offshore sector is with the industry’s future he have contributed to help the
a success story. During mentions the importance of the sector so it could concentrate
nearly 50 years, the Danish Underground Consortium on testing and optimising the
Danish oil & gas industry has (DUC) which last year donated products and services which have
gathered a wealth of outstanding 134,000,000 EUR to the Technical contributed to strengthening
experience from the complex oil University of Denmark (DTU) Denmark’s first mover position.
and gas fields in the North Sea. in order to help to increase the You could say that Denmark is the
Denmark was the first nation to go recovery factor by innovative world’s offshore wind lab – we test
offshore in 1981 with wind energy thinking. the offshore projects in small scale
and is now the market leader in and adjust them to the foreign
technology, development, design, “DTU is gathering the world’s markets,” says CEO Morten Basse
installation, operations and best scientists who will cooperate from
maintenance. with the sector to implement new
technologies – that is an important Another boost to innovation
So the two sectors have had a step for Danish offshore oil & comes from an external force. The
head start but are both well aware gas,” says Johannes Kromann Bie. oil & gas industry faces low oil
that constant movement and prices and Danish offshore wind
innovation is inevitable to stay The world’s offshore has set a goal to reduce costs by
competitive. Several factors push wind lab 40% in 2020 compared to 2012.
this process.
Looking at offshore wind the “As an innovation network we see
“The lowest hanging fruits in Danish companies have had the situation as a possibility for
the Danish part of the North Sea unique conditions: The Danish the sector to optimise products
has been picked. The Danish offshore wind industry has and processes which can lower
companies are working on benefitted from stable political cost of energy and we see that
developing new and innovative support and unique framework the companies focus on this area,”
methods to get most out of the oil conditions put in place for the says Morten Basse and adds.
fields already in production and industry at an early stage. At the
to find new ones,” says Johannes same time the Danish Energy “We have taken the initiative to
Kromann Bie. Agency functions as one-stop- establish Cost Reduction Forum
shop and the Transmission System which gathers the major players in
He is Director of oil & gas at Operator (TSO), Energinet. both offshore wind and offshore, Denmark’s dk, has the responsibility for oil & gas to find new and better
official knowledge center and the grid connection which has solutions that can reduce costs.
innovation network for the made offshore wind projects less There is great backing from
complicated for the companies.
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