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Greg Arrowsmith it as little as possible”, other
companies are betting on OPV
(organic photovoltaics) for some
of their BIPV products. The glass
company AGC, noting that
spandrels make up 25-70% of
the total surface area of a façade
in tall, architecturally significant
buildings, and can reach 70-95
degrees Celsius in summer and
autumn, considers OPV to be
better suited to this widely used
building element. It has signed
a development agreement to
integrate organic PV films from
the company Heliatek in its glass.

Technology trends Grown on a micro-structured Merck also promotes OPV
surface, the film scatters light in technology. It was a proud partner
Malcic challenged the BIPV the visible part of the spectrum in the EU-funded project ROTROT
industry to “provide architects while allowing infrared light to that successfully demonstrated
with BIPV elements that come pass to the cells beneath. 10% roll-to-roll manufacturing
in a variety of colours, sizes and module efficiency is typical. In the for OPV modules on flexible
types.” Jef Poortmans, co-Chair lab, 11.4% was achieved using substrates like plastic films. Merck
of the BIPV group in EU PV TP, a module made of HIT cells, produces active material for
reacted by pointing out that “a which are particularly responsive OPV modules. Its product comes
balance must be struck between, to infrared light. A company, in a range of darker colours:
on the one hand, embracing Solaxess, was created at the start blues, greys, greens and browns.
uniformity in BIPV building of 2015 to commercialise the “The production process is very
elements, which will allow cost technology. cheap, and lamination is a well-
reduction through economies of established and standardized
scale in manufacturing; and on While CSEM made a deliberate process, so the technology
the other hand, making available choice to work with the “cheap, definitely has the potential to
elements in a variety of sizes, standard and mature” crystalline be cost-effective at some point,”
forms and colour,” which could silicon platform, and to “touch said David Müller, Global Head
make them more popular with of Strategic Marketing PV at
designers. that company. “If you have a
20-storey building, the area of the
New products are appearing that roof relative to the walls is very
could inspire those designers. small, making BIPV the strongest
Laure-Emmanuelle Perret-Aebi, choice.” l
Section Head at CSEM, presented
a film developed by her research Contact details:
centre that can be applied to
any crystalline silicon PV module Greg Arrowsmith, Policy Officer
to give it a white appearance. The Association of European Renewable Energy Research Centres
Place du Champ de Mars 2 – B-1050 Brussels
Tel (general line) : +32 2 318 40 50
Tel (direct line): +32 2 318 40 49
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