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The publishers of European Energy Foreword
Innovation would like to offer their
sincere thanks to all individuals and As we go to Press, Europe confronts many important and potentially dangerous
organisations who have contributed issues, perhaps illustrated up by EU Commission President Juncker’s comment:
editorial images photos and illustrations “We can’t go on with business as usual”. EEI is dedicated to innovative
to the magazine. Whilst every effort technologies, perhaps the means by which many of these problems may be
has been made to ensure accuracy surmounted.
of the content, the publishers of
European Energy Innovation accept no In our Shipping feature in this issue, Jakub Adamowicz from the EU Commission
responsibility for errors or omissions. discusses the potential role of LNG as a promising means of lowering the sulphur
content of marine fuels, and so lowering emissions. Meanwhile, the Federation
The contents of European Energy of European Private Port Operators (FEPORT), which speaks on behalf of more
Innovation are protected by copyright. than 1200 large terminal operators and stevedoring companies, operating in over
400 seaports across the EU, reviews the role of the voluntary EEEG Guidelines in
All rights reserved. reducing the greenhouse gas emissions footprint for container terminals. Isabelle
Ryckbost, Secretary General of the European Sea Ports Organisation (ESPO)
European Energy Innovation is emphasises the importance of Ports, which “supply, produce, use, store, import,
published by: transport, save, clean energy” Ms. Ryckbost goes on to explore the opportunities
Prologue Media Ltd and challenges facing ports as they face up to climate change policy goals,
1a Shire Lane geopolitical developments and volatility of energy prices.
Hertfordshire WD3 5NQ In his excellent article, Dr.Arnulf Jäger-Waldau from the European Commission
United Kingdom sounds note of caution about photovoltaic energy. Noting the rapid growth in
installation, which appears set to continue as far as 2020, he nevertheless points
Tel: +44 1923 286238 to a future stagnation in the European market. Unrealistic FITs , a less than perfect legal framework point and variations in non-technical costs across the EU point
to investment uncertainty. Nevertheless, he suggests that future reductions in
To obtain additional copies please email the price of the technology might spur growth, particularly if both the legal and electricity distribution infrastructure are overhauled. Meanwhile, James Watson
and Kristina Thoring of SolarPower Europe describe COP21 as an opportunity for
EDITOR global leaders to promote solar power. Climate change, they say, is “the urgent
Michael Edmund and defining issue of our time”. They set out the rationale for photovoltaic energy in clear terms, which is based upon the falling cost of the technology and the high
level of popular support.
Philip Beausire In a time of increased global uncertainty, Angela Marlovits from Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) explains the rationale behind a methodology to increase security
awareness (MEISA). Most companies, she points out, are conscious of the need to
HEAD OF BRUSSELS OFFICE build a security awareness culture within their organizations, but better awareness
Sophia Silvert among senior management and employees is needed. Identifying 23 methods to
Mob: +32 4737 30322 increase security and 11 methods to measure security awareness, she describes how MEISA has been developed for the gas network industry.

DESIGN & PRODUCTION 2015 is the International Year of Light: Carlos Lee and Louis Bonnefous review the history of lighting, from the candles and oil lamps of antiquity through arc lamps,
incandescent filaments and fluorescents, to electroluminescence and LEDs. They
WEBSITE DESIGN discuss how important LED technology might become in preserving our cultural heritage, lighting buildings such as London’s Reform Club, and protecting artwork
from UV and IR irradiation. We may not be “in a good place.” But innovation can
take us to one.

And there is much more for you to read inside..

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