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conventional compressors are: tank and Thermal Vapour Figure 2: MVR configuration with Radiax®
• Completely variable with Recompression (TVR) unit. By compressor (Patents applicable)
releasing the pressure of the
regard to pressure and flow 300,000 kg/h of condensate Figure 3: MVR configuration with Radiax®
without compromising on the from 4 to 3.4 bar, 4,500 kg/hr of compressor
overall compressor efficiency condensate flashes. This low-
and offering maximum pressure steam will be upgraded Contact details:
flexibility. by a steam ejector (acting as For more information or to find out what this
• High pressure ratio up to 2.0 a thermal heat pump in this can mean for your system, send an email to
per stage for steam, maximum situation) where 2,500 kg/hr of
two stages per Radiax® high-pressure steam is necessary
compressor. as driving steam. This configuration
• The Radiax® compressor is able reduces the expenses on energy
of handling two phase fluids. to €537,5000 per year.
This enables BFW injection
upstream to temper the Applying MVR using the
temperature of the compressed Radiax® technology reduces
superheated steam without the energy expenses further to
damaging the rotor. only €103,200 per year. In this
• The Radiax® compressor is free scenario, pressure of the 300,000
of oil and oil seals due to the kg/h condensate is released to
integrated electromotor in the 2.85 bar, flashing 7,000 kg/h
compressor unit, eliminating of condensate to low-pressure
the risk of contamination of steam. Steam derived from the
steam caused by leakages. flash tank is compressed in a
• The Radiax® compressor is single compression stage to 4
approximately 60% smaller in bar, absorbing less than 200
size and weight compared to kW electric energy. The MVR
conventional MVR compressors, configuration with Radiax®
thus saving plot space. compressor is illustrated in
figure 3. This relatively simple
CASE STUDY modification saves €1,401,800
To illustrate the advantages of per year on energy compared to
MVR using Radiax® technology, the conventional system.
a case study is described. A
chemical plant derives its product CONCLUSION
from a reactor column that MVR using Radiax® Technology is
requires 7,000 kg/hr of steam at a simple and effective solution for
4 bar(a). Steam is derived from a reducing your energy costs and
steam boiler and directly injected carbon footprint. The favourable
in the reactor column. During characteristics of the Radiax®
this process 300,000 kg/hr of compressor create opportunities
condensate is generated. For for a wide range of applications.
this case energy prices are €25 Minor modifications are required,
per ton of steam and €0.06 per using only a small area of the
kWh for electricity. Assuming this available plot space. This solution
plant runs for 8,600 hour per year will amortise within a very short
the total energy expenses are period of approximately 2 years,
€1,505,000 per year. despite the current fossil fuel
prices. For more information
This system can be easily please contact Geert ten Brink. l
optimised by adding a flash
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