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A methodology to increase
the level of security awareness
(MEISA Tool)

By Angela Marlovits (pictured), Chair of the GIE Security Study Group, Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE)

Security awareness is Most companies are conscious widespread perception that
the knowledge and of the need to build a security embedding “security awareness”
attitude members of an awareness culture within their into organization’s culture is the
organization possess organizations. However, the primary key driver for improving
regarding the protection of efficiency of the chosen programs the level of security.
the physical and especially, is not clear as the majority of the
information assets of that companies has not implemented From the benchmark results it can
organization. specific initiatives to measure be noticed that
the concrete effects on the
employees. • End-user security awareness
training is included in most
Therefore, GIE identified the of the organization’s security
most common methods adopted policy;
to increase and to measure the
level of security awareness of • Awareness-raising activities is
the employees working within one of the relevant priority in
complex organizations. security governance;

Additionally, to support the • Better awareness on security
security management in the among senior management
selection of the best method and employees would help to
for increasing or measuring the improve the level of security in
security awareness, the software every organization.
tool MEISA (Methodologies to
Increase the level of Security Therefore, the GIE Security
Awareness) has been developed. SG agreed to perform a
According to the parameters study on Increasing Security
selected by the user, the tool Awareness. The elaboration
automatically provides the best of the study is based on an
five methods that meet the extensive literature overview
requirements. and policy review, and on the
use of ad hoc questionnaires
A METHODOLOGY BUILT ON and interviews with the active
COMPREHENSIVE SOURCES involvement of several security
In 2013 the GIE Security Study managers from organizations
Group performed a Survey on operating in critical sectors. The
Security Standards and Practices collected data emphasize that
of Gas Infrastructure companies. most of the companies have a
One of the main results is a specific program to increase
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