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Autumn 2015 European Energy Innovation


Natural Gas: Catalyst of the
European Energy Union

Gerald Linke The five pillars of the development organizations*,
planned European DVGW among them, have
energy union – energy recently established an innovative
security, the single network named European
energy market, energy efficiency, Research Institute for Gas and
the decarbonisation of the Energy Innovation (ERIG). This
economy, and research and network will be promoting joint
innovation – are in line with the innovation and development
central fields of action of the work in order to develop the role
German energy transition. With of gas by improving the efficiency
its infrastructure, natural gas is of gas-related energy conversion
processes in the domestic,
a fuel that provides efficient, commercial and industrial
cost-effective opportunities sectors. Furthermore, ERIG aims
for using innovative gas to enhance the safety, reliability
technologies to ensure and economic sustainability of
sustainable energy the European gas infrastructure
supplies. The potential system and gas storage facilities,
of gas technologies including LNG as a fuel for long
for storing renewable distance transport by land and
energies and making sea. Besides increasing the share
them available as of renewable and synthetic
and when needed is gases, such as biogas, bioSNG,
becoming increasingly hydrogen or methane, in the
evident. gas system, a key objective is to
support the integration of volatile
In order to guide gas renewable power in the energy
into the transition system by flexible gas options
process towards a future (power-to-gas) with a view to
renewable-based energy balancing the power grid through
system, seven leading the combination of demand and
supply flexibility and storage.
European research

Natural gas is the fossil fuel with
by far the lowest carbon dioxide
emissions. Compared with the use
of petrol and diesel, emissions
of the greenhouse gas, which is
detrimental to the climate, could
be reduced by up to 24 percent
by using natural gas as a fuel.
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