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  The publishers of European Energy          Foreword
  Innovation would like to offer their
  sincere thanks to all individuals and      Welcome to the Winter edition of the magazine: the time of year when it is
  organisations who have contributed         traditional to look back at what has happened over the past twelve months;
  editorial images photos and illustrations  and to try and foretell what the next twelve will bring. June’s Brexit vote and
  to the magazine. Whilst every effort       subsequent events in Italy, France, Germany and Holland (to name but a few)
  has been made to ensure accuracy           promise uncertainty. So, too does the developing migrant situation in Turkey,
  of the content, the publishers of          with its attendant misery and its political grandstanding. Mix in a little economic
  European Energy Innovation accept no       uncertainty, Russian ambivalence; and the gathering humanitarian crisis in Syria.
  responsibility for errors or omissions.    Add the not inconsiderable threat posed by AGW to the Polar Ice Caps and
                                             perhaps November’s launch of the Commission’s long-awaited Winter Package
  The contents of European Energy            represents one bright spot in all the gloom. You are, of course, reading
  Innovation are protected by copyright.     another one!

  All rights reserved.                       How many times have we heard the phrase “the wind doesn’t always blow and
                                             the sun doesn’t always shine”? Perhaps the biggest issue faced by RE is this
  European Energy Innovation is              unpredictability. In that light, an excellent (and positive) article from Francesco
  published by:                              Battiglio reviews the Winter Package from an electricity storage perspective,
  Prologue Media Ltd                         concluding that it is taking the right steps to create the right market conditions
  1a Shire Lane                              for advanced batteries. He notes that incorporation of energy storage can halve
  Chorleywood                                the reliance of a household upon grid-supplied electricity. Echoing this theme,
  Hertfordshire WD3 5NQ                      Arnulf Jäger-Waldau explores the principal means by which self-consumption of
  United Kingdom                             electricity can be increased: using smart systems to operate higher demand items
                                             (such as tumble driers) when the sun is shining; and storing excess electricity to
  Tel: +44 1923 286238                       smooth out the peaks and troughs in supply and demand. Going on to examine            the economics of residential PV systems in more detail, he concludes that
                                             battery storage will grow strongly; and that within five years, PV electricity will
  To obtain additional copies please email   be the lowest cost electricity option for more than half of Europeans. Hans ten           Berge goes further, exploring the potential offered by smart metering. Noting
                                             the obvious benefits for consumers of the availability of more information with
  EDITOR                                     which to manage their electricity demand, he suggests that rollout across Europe
  Michael Edmund                             has been somewhat patchy, principally because of interoperability issues and         concerns over data privacy; this, he concludes, is a crucial issue.

  BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR              Paloma López Bermejo MEP writes thoughtfully about the role of the market in
  Philip Beausire                            Energy Savings, noting how much European dependence on energy imports         impedes the ability to deliver on the 2020 strategy. She makes the important
                                             point that trading systems must be engineered to reward energy efficiency,
  HEAD OF BRUSSELS OFFICE                    perhaps as part of larger cultural change, but that doing so is inherently
  Sophia Silvert                             contradictory.
  Mob: +32 4737 30322         Another important element of Europe’s RE strategy to receive attention in this
                                             issue is Bioenergy. Silvia Vivarelli, Emilio Font de Mora, and Pat Howes examine
  DESIGN & PRODUCTION                        how almost €50 million has been spent on supporting its market uptake; money                       that, by June had realised 1.65 Mtoe of bioenergy and saved 5.7 Mt of carbon
                                             dioxide emissions, according to EASME. Perhaps crucially, in the context of the
  WEBSITE DESIGN                             Winter Package and its market-oriented measures, the money had generated a                             €0.9 billion return on the investment. Saving money and saving the planet: bright
                                             hopes, indeed.
  The Magazine Printing Company,             And, as always, there is much more for you to read inside…
  Enfield, Middlesex, United Kingdom
                                             Michael Edmund              Editor
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