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CONTENTS                                                                                          Winter 2016 European Energy Innovation  3

6	 Energy savings and the market                                                                         CONTENTS                                     6
     economy                                                                                                                                         14
     Paloma López Bermejo, Member of         34	 The StableNextSol COST Action                                                                       20
     the European Parliament                      Project: Towards Stable Organic and                                                                44
                                                  Perovskite Solar Cell Technologies                                                                 60
10	 How Intelligent Energy – Europe               Prof. Monica Lira-Cantu, Catalán
     II supported policy making and               Institute of Nanoscience and
     implementation for the market                Nanotechnology (ICN2)
     uptake of bioenergy in Europe
     Silvia Vivarelli, Executive Agency for  38	 International collaboration to
     Small and Medium-sized Enterprises,          promote Smart Grid as an enabler
     European Commission, Emilio Font             for sustainable development
     de Mora, Innovation and Networks             Karin Widegren, Adviser to the
     Executive Agency, European                   Director General at the Swedish
     Commission, and Pat Howes, Ricardo           Energy Markets Inspectorate
     Energy & Environment
                                             42	 TCM ensures global progress of
14	 How much longer can we dream of               carbon capture technologies
     a White Christmas?                           Vegar Stokset
     Michael Edmund, Editor
                                             44	 Delivering a European CCS Network
16	 With targets to be reached, Energy            Judith Shapiro, Carbon Capture &
     Efficiency is Key                            Storage Association (CCSA)
     Sean Kelly, Member of the European
     Parliament                              46	 Winter Energy Package: towards a
                                                  battery revolution?
20	 Safeguarding energy security in               Francesco Gattiglio, EU Policy
     South-East Europe with investment            Officer, EUROBAT (Association of
     in demand-side infrastructure                European Automotive and Industrial
     Cosmina Marian, Buildings                    Battery Manufacturers)
     Performance Institute Europe (BPIE)
                                             52	 The smart meter revolution:
24	 Increasing the energy performance             paving the way towards consumer
     of buildings – The enabling role of          empowerment
     Research & Innovation in Advanced            Hans ten Berge, Secretary General,
     Materials                                    EURELECTRIC
     Fabrice Stassin, EMIRI
                                             54	 Power Set to be Key Battleground
26	 COST Action TU0905 Structural                 for 5G
     Glass – Novel design methods                 Mauro Boldi, ETSI, and Xiaobao
     and next generation products – A             Chen, 3GPP
     success story
     Jan Belis, Ghent University, Chair of   56	 Leading a revolution in Deep
     COST Action TU0905                           Geothermal Innovation
                                                  Valentina Pinzuti, European
29	 Costs and Economics of Electricity            Geothermal Council
     from Residential PV Systems in
     Europe                                  58	 A successful energy transition can
     Arnulf Jäger-Waldau, European                only work with flexibility
     Commission, Joint Research Centre,           Thomas Speidel, CEO of ads-tec
     Renewables and Energy Efficient              GmbH and President of the German
     Unit                                         Energy Storage Association (BVES)              60	 Did you hear the Netherlands is
                                                  saying good-bye to gas?
                                                  Maya van der Steenhoven
                                                  and Babajide Owoyele of the
                                                  programme for heating and cooling
                                                  South Holland
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