Oesterreichs Energie - Europes energy future will be safe clean and digital


Winter 2017

For this, we must rebuild our entire energy system. But what is the right strategy to achieve this goal?

Austria could be a role model with its 76% renewables in the electricity system and a stability of more than 99.99%. Austria's pump storage accounts for more than 12% of Europe's installed capacity and therefore Austria can play a major role with its hydropower plants in the future European power system.

Oesterreichs Energie, representing the Austrian electricity industry, has worked out a strategy for the future of energy until 2030, called "Empowering Austria".

The direction is clear: The conversion of the energy system can only succeed if electricity takes a larger role in the transport and space heating sectors. The energy strategy of Oesterreichs Energie foresees an expansion of Austrian renewables in the energy system of at least 85% by 2030.

The share of electricity in the energy system in Austria needs to increase by 33% until 2030 with more flexibility and participation in the market system.

We need a climate and energy strategy throughout Europe which includes a binding strategy for electric mobility. What is required is an area-wide extension of charging infrastructure, standardisation at the European level, and an understanding of mobility as a part of a smart energy system. We need large as well as scalable model regions from which to learn. This is part of the necessary research campaign which has to include innovative storage solutions. For this it is important to increase the energy research funding as well as to create coordinated research projects across all sectors. It would be constructive to bundle together existing projects and initiatives. As a motor for innovation, digitisation has become indispensable.

Austria's electricity companies work for a safe, clean and affordable energy future.


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