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European Energy Innovation (EEI) is a quarterly magazine written by and for energy, transport and sustainability stakeholders in Europe. Over the past thirteen years, it has connected environmental researchers, policy leaders, elected representatives and heads of business across the continent, at supranational, national and local levels.

If you work within the EU institutions, in industry or in academia, our informative, comprehensive and authoritative magazine is a must-read, keeping you up-to-date with the latest thinking on sustainability tech, clean mobility and environmental policy in Europe.

Our recent issues have covered a wide range of 'green' ideas, from the implementation of high-speed rail and resilient energy grids, to the discovery of a novel cement recycling method and the potential that biogas digestate has in the field of regenerative agriculture.

If you collaborate on EU Research projects, we are the leading dissemination partner in the sustainability and environmental sector, and will work with you to communicate your work with our uniquely influential audience. We publish digitally and in print.

Our quarterly publication is available free of charge -


What we do

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