BD4OPEM project: Big Data for OPen innovation Energy Marketplace

Summer 2023

The goal of the H2020 project BD4OPEM is to create a seamless link between energy stakeholders and services developed, by extracting value from operational and nonoperational data related to power systems. These various services are offered from a Marketplace which ensures secure data flows between data providers and solution providers, driving new data-driven business models and increasing the penetration of renewables into the energy grid. The developed services permit, enhanced assets management and planning as well as consumer participation in energy balancing.

On 20 March, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released the final part of its sixth assessment report (AR6) and identifies that the energy grid plays a vital role in addressing climate change.

To take this role, Big Data from smart metering equipment can provide multiple benefits. It can help to identify inefficiencies in the grid, optimize energy distribution and future grid reinforcements. Energy data can also be used to predict demand, generation and identify trends to better manage energy supply and consumption and also to help consumers to become more responsible in how they consume energy.

However, energy grid stakeholders face multiple challenges in unlocking the potential of big data. The data generated by smart sensing and metering devices might not have the suitable quality, latency and/ or volume required for developing the desired applications. There are multiple data formats, sources that further complicate the analysis process for making relevant and informed decisions, cyber security concerns, GDPR compliance, interoperability issues and user friendliness. Finally, finding the value in the data requires advanced analytics and machine learning techniques that require advanced technical know-how.

BD4OPEM addresses these challenges so that, like distribution system operators, energy stakeholders can profit from datadriven services for boosting the operation, planning and maintenance of their electrical grids and prioritize investments to further integrate renewable energy systems and tackle climate change. The services offered by the BD4OPEM marketplace include: topology retrieval of LV grids, observability, predictive maintenance, fraud detection, flexibility forecasting and aggregated services for BRP and DSOs, EV to grid integration, demand estimation, demand-generation and energy storage management at individual household or at community level, peer-to-peer trading, asset and investment planning.

To conclude, BD4OPEM wants to contribute to the transition from traditional energy distribution and consumption into smart energy distribution that can integrate with ease the latest innovations and help to contribute to a cleaner, brighter, and more sustainable tomorrow.

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Project manager: Daniel Brandt, Sustainable Innovation and work package lead for dissemination and communication in BD4OPEM.


The H2020 project consists of a complementary and multidisciplinary consortium of 12 partners, from nine different European Countries. The large-scale pilots from Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Slovenia, and Turkey have been carefully chosen to provide wide and diverse scenarios for tool development and the testing of services developed.

Mònica Aragüés Peñalba, project coordinator, UPC

Ismael Bravo Jimenez, project manager, UPC

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement 872525