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Live Urban Demonstrations of ZeEUS
– Zero Emission Urban Bus System

Launched in November test e-buses in real operations developments of selected tests
2013, ZeEUS (Zero and will be able to provide of high capacity urban electric
Emission Urban Bus practical answers to cities, buses. This activity will help
System) is a flagship EU public transport operators and provide the entire stakeholder
project coordinated by UITP, authorities who are interested in spectrum with the global picture
which aims to test a wide range introducing electric buses but of the electric bus market. The
of different innovative electric would like to gain more insight ZeEUS Observatory will involve
bus technologies and charging before taking the decision to Observed Demonstrations, which
infrastructure solutions. This deploy and invest. will contribute to the discussion
initiative is co-funded by the DG about some key topics of electric
Mobility and Transport of the The first core demonstration bus systems and the key phases
European Commission with a was launched in Barcelona on to achieve market introduction.
budget of €22.5m (€13.5m EU- 14 October 2014. Within this
funded). ZeEUS brings together demonstration, lead by the All information about the project
40 leading partners who represent local operator TMB (Transports will be presented every year in
the entire stakeholder spectrum. Metropolitans de Barcelona), two an eBus publication in order to
The project, which will run until full-electric 12m buses i2e from provide key insights into how the
April 2017, will test full electric, IRIZAR have been already put in market of electric bus systems
plug-in hybrid and battery service, while two 18m articulated is progressing. The ZeEUS
trolley buses in live operational plug-in hybrids by SOLARIS will Observatory will also organise an
demonstrations evaluating come in 2015. annual ZeEUS Electric Bus Forum
their economic, societal and in Brussels to showcase Demos’
environmental benefit. Core After Barcelona, it was electric bus developments along
demonstrations will take place Stockholm’s turn to showcase with workshops dedicated to
in 8 European cities: Barcelona their Volvo 12m plug-in hybrid the key topics of urban electric
(Spain); Stockholm (Sweden); buses during Stockholm Fair buses. A Call for Observed
Glasgow, London (UK); Bonn, on 28 October 2014. The Demonstrations has been
Münster (Germany); Plzen presentation precedes the launched. Should you wish to
(Czech Republic) and Cagliari Launch Event scheduled on apply, please contact
(Italy). In total, 35 plug-in hybrid, January, during which the l
full electric and battery trolley buses will be presented to the
buses built by the European bus citizens, city officials and local Visit our website:
manufacturers more active in stakeholders. As part of the Facebook and Linkedin pages: ZeEUS
electrification will be tested by ZeEUS project, an Observatory Follow us on Twitter: @zeeusproject
local operators. will be set up to closely follow the

The project also foresees a set of
activities to develop standards,
support local regulations and
identify financial tools in order
to foster the introduction of
electric buses in the European
cities fleets. Demo groups,
which consist of stakeholders
conducting demonstrations, will
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