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  The publishers of European Energy                                                                       FOREWORD
  Innovation would like to offer their
  sincere thanks to all individuals and      Foreword
  organisations who have contributed
  editorial images photos and illustrations  Much happened between the Summer of 2016 and the Spring of 2017:
  to the magazine. Whilst every effort       murderous terrorist action across Europe, a new US President, and the launch of
  has been made to ensure accuracy           the Commission’s Winter Package. The UK spent its first day since 1880 without
  of the content, the publishers of          having to burn coal, while on one day, Germany generated 85% of its electricity
  European Energy Innovation accept no       from RE: not a windy island with a small population, but a global industrial
  responsibility for errors or omissions.    powerhouse. However, the period marks arguably the most significant of all these
                                             stories: the UK’s decision to leave the EU.
  The contents of European Energy
  Innovation are protected by copyright.     Meanwhile, the world warms.

  All rights reserved.                       EEI is delighted that Dominique Ristori has written again; and that he has used
                                             the opportunity to emphasise that clean energy is no longer a choice, but
  European Energy Innovation is              a responsibility for all of us. He stresses the vital role of EUSEW in bringing
  published by:                              together pioneers, businesses, academics and research centres – and civil
  Prologue Media Ltd                         society. Reminding us of the key elements of the Winter Package, he concludes
  1a Shire Lane                              that we need awareness of the challenges and opportunities ahead – and the
  Chorleywood                                sustainable energy projects and ideas presented at EUSEW. In the same vein,
  Hertfordshire WD3 5NQ                      Kristian Ruby argues that Europe must show the way on climate action, illustrating
  United Kingdom                             his point with the key role of the transport sector and citing the “clear climate
                                             benefit” of the shift from petrol. He goes on to argue for proposals to ensure the
  Tel: +44 1923 286238                       necessary charging infrastructure for electric cars through minimum requirements            for buildings. On the theme of European collaboration, Tiit Jürimäe reviews
                                             the achievements of the first Clean Sky programme. In the nine years since its
  To obtain additional copies please email   inception, thousands of experts have cooperated in 20 large Demonstrators,           completed by 600 participants in 24 European countries, to evaluate thousands
                                             of components used in current aircraft and helicopters. The common goal?
  EDITOR                                     Reducing noise and CO2 emissions, so pursuing European societal demands for
  Michael Edmund                             a better quality of life. Meanwhile, Monika Hohlmeier MEP asserts that Clean Sky         has been “an unambiguous success story not only environmentally, but also in
                                             establishing a robust innovation network”. But there is no hint of complacency
  BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR              in her upbeat article: she makes the case for budgetary certainty so that,
  Philip Beausire                            appropriately-funded, our ambitions can be realised.
                                             In an article that manages to be both technical and fascinating, Cecilia Bonefeld-
  HEAD OF BRUSSELS OFFICE                    Dahl explores the energy performance of computer servers. She warns that
  Sophia Silvert                             the Commission’s efforts to limit “idle state” power consumption may have the
  Mob: +32 4 73 73 03 22                     unforeseen consequence of driving energy consumption in data centres upwards         by at least 10%; and possibly by as much as one third.

  DESIGN & PRODUCTION                        We also publish a thought-provoking article by Pierre Jean Coulon. The clue is
  Ray Heath                                  in its title: “An Energy Union for European citizens”. In exploring the concept, he                  notes that the work of the European Economic and Social Committee is itself
                                             based on the principle that energy has now become a basic necessity, without
  WEBSITE DESIGN                             which decent life as we know it is impossible. Energy costs and security of supply                             therefore underpin the wellbeing of society – that is, of all of us.

  PRINT                                      Though sanguine, we must remain sanguine: the English language has blessed
  The Magazine Printing Company,             this word with two meanings: “bloody” and “hopeful”. Amidst all the bloody
  Enfield, Middlesex, United Kingdom          carnage wrought by the enemies of democracy, now is the time for hopeful unity
                                             of purpose. Not, despite Brexit, for political grandstanding, or talk of punishment              and divorce bills.

                                             And there is a lot more for you to read inside…

                                             Michael Edmund
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