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CONTENTS                                                                                      Summer 2017 European Energy Innovation  3

6 EUSEW and energy efficiency                                                                          CONTENTS                                  11
     Dominique Ristori, Director-General                                                                                                         28
     for Energy, European Commission       46 Ignoring energy storage was a big                                                                  50
                                                mistake in the past                                                                              58
11 Energy Efficiency: Hunting for the           Brittney Becker (EASE Policy
     low-hanging fruits                         Officer) and Michela Borlotti (EASE
     Morten Helveg Petersen, MEP, Vice-         Communications Officer)
     Chair of the Committee on Industry,
     Research and Energy                   50 Clean Energy Package: District
                                                Heating to Boost EU Energy
14 An Energy Union for European                 Transition
     citizens                                   Dana Popp, Euroheat & Power
     Pierre Jean Coulon, President of
     the Section for Transport, Energy,    56 Innovation is key for sustainable
     Infrastructure and the Information         aviation
     Society (TEN) of the EESC                  Monika Hohlmeier, Member of the
                                                European Parliament
18 Energy Efficient Presidency
     Kaja Kallas, Member of the European   58 Clean Sky – a European partnership
     Parliament                                 for new energy-efficient aircraft
24 Climate change: How digital grids            Tiit Jürimäe, Interim Executive
     help in mitigation                         Director at Clean Sky 2 Joint
     Laurent Schmitt, Secretary General,        Undertaking
     European power transmission
     system operators’ association         60 Aviation Strategy for Europe:
     (ENTSO-E)                                  Europe can’t afford to miss on this
28 Europe must show the way on                  Pavel Telička, Member of the
     climate action                             European Parliament
     Kristian Ruby, Secretary General,
     EURELECTRIC                           62 Aviation emissions: Looking towards
                                                the long-term
32 Let’s not put high performance               Michael Gill, Executive Director, Air
     servers into a permanent idle state!       Transport Action Group
     Cecilia Bonefeld-Dahl, Director
     General, DIGITALEUROPE                64 The Keys to decarbonising Europe’s
                                                heating and cooling
                                                Thomas Nowak, Secretary-General of
                                                the European Heat Pump Association

36 The innovation challenge: will the      66 Spreading and exchanging
     EU be able to scale up the rate            excellence in Wind Energy Research
     of energy renovation to meet its           – the European Academy of Wind
     climate commitments                        Energy
     Roberta D’Angiolella, Buildings            Elke Seidl, Branch Manager of
     Performance Institute Europe (BPIE)        European Academy of Wind Energy

40 Unleashing the value of energy storage  68 Digital meets energy. Where?,                                                           66
     Joint Research Centre Press Office         Kalle Kukk
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