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arose surrounding the feedstocks used.     alternative fuel to all airlines operating
Many of the feedstocks were not seen       out of the airport. The airport supplies
as sustainable, as they were either        aircraft with the fuel through its
made from food crops (such as corn),       existing hydrant system, a significant
or competed with food for resources.       step towards normalising the use of
This simply replaced one problem with      alternative fuel.
                                           In March, North America got in on the
Aviation, however, has gone to             act, with United Airlines announcing that
great lengths to avoid this issue and      they will regularly fly out of Los Angeles
ensure that our alternative fuels are      Airport using a blend of alternative fuel.
environmentally sound. Suppliers all over
the globe have come up with innovative     The following month, in April, the
means of producing alternative fuel        global ATSM body approved yet
from truly sustainable feedstocks, taking  another ‘pathway’ for producing
advantage of local resources.              alternative fuel, creating more options
                                           for suppliers and airlines.
For example, Project Solaris in South
Africa, a partnership between South        The momentum is growing. What
African Airways, Boeing and SkyNRG,        started with small steps will continue
has begun to produce a biofuel made        to develop, but in order to really
from high-oil, nicotine free tobacco,      gain ground and see significant CO2
which replaces tobacco previously          benefits from sustainable alternative
grown for smoking. In Norway, plans        fuels, greater effort will be needed from
are underway for a refinery making         government partners.
fuel out of forestry residue. The Masdar
Institute in Adu Dhabi, alongside          If reals gains are to be achieved, then
partners Etihad Airways and Boeing has     we need to see invest in air traffic
found a way of producing an alternative    management reform and research into
fuel using plants that thrive in the       new technology, including sustainable
desert. This project also has the added    alternative fuels, as well as improving
benefit of supporting local aquaculture    intermodal transport planning.
by using the plants to filter out waste    Importantly, we call on governments
water from the fish farms, taking          to agree on the global market-based
sustainability to the next level.          measure at ICAO later this year.

While the technology for producing         As an industry, we also need to keep
sustainable alternative fuels is there,    up the good work on commercialising
producing them at commercially viable      sustainable alternative fuels as we
levels is more challenging. However,       move towards our 2050 goal. l
the first half of 2016 has seen two
landmark developments in this sense.         For more details on how aviation is
                                             working to cut CO2 emissions, check
In January, Oslo Airport became    
the first international hub to offer
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