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Summer 2015 European Energy Innovation 9


an economic weapon exposed the efforts in pursuit of an objective. Let us territorial influence, natural resources,
lack of a European plan to withstand hope that Ukraine does not become an money, energy security and climate
a shortage of energy in general, and example of what could happen when change. Resolving it will require huge
gas in particular, and added renewed people pursue separate objectives: investment and an acceptance that
impetus to Brussels’ 2020 climate we should not forget that, like the all parties have much to gain from
and energy objectives. One of these, Baltic States, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan co-operation - and much to lose by
that of increasing the share of energy and Ukraine were also once part of forsaking it. This complex and many-
consumption from renewables by 20% the USSR. Meanwhile, OPEC is flexing layered situation offers an explanation
by 2020, seems immediately logical its muscles again - albeit much more for the European need to seek a more
from this new perspective. Arguably, its subtly than it did in the 1970s – and diverse energy supply (diplomatic code
importance is now even greater. is apparently keen to forestall growth for “reduced dependency on Russia”),
in market share by either Russia or which has put Ashgabat and Baku firmly
EUSEW is an example of what is America. Each issue now makes its in the spotlight. And Kiev firmly in the
possible when people combine their own contribution to a perfect storm of crosshairs. l
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