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Summer 2015 European Energy Innovation


The Thermaco Project: Smart Thermal
conductive Al MMCs by casting

SUMMARY value in terms of mechanical • Develop design definitions
Due to their improved properties properties, hindering stand-alone for surface micro structures
compared to traditional metals applications. However, when to ensure an optimal heat
or polymers, composites are enclosed in metal envelopes, transfer from the heat source
promising materials for use they could be used to form to the thermal highways
in several technologically MMC (Metal Matrix Composite)
advanced products. The main parts which are significantly • Develop optimal machining
focus of THERMACO lies on heat more durable and strong. processes for precision finish
evacuation applications in fields Due to the lack of satisfactory and surface structuring of
such as power microelectronics, machining and manufacturing metal matrix composite parts
e-mobility or (renewable) energy technologies, this approach could with carbon-based thermal
generation as well as highest not yet be implemented. So far, highways including:
performance combustion complicated and cost-intense
engines. multi-part cooling systems have • Deliver Life Cycle Analysis
to be applied, hindering a further and environmental impact
The ever–growing demand for functional integration or power information on novel metal
heat evacuation applications is increase. matrix composites with
motivating today’s suppliers to integrated carbon-based
come up with better and better THERMACO aims at providing thermal highways
heat conductive materials. Most manufacturing technologies
of the products which were for extremely efficient solutions • Develop complete process
recently introduced to the market in heat evacuation based chain to manufacture
are carbon based materials on Aluminium Metal Matrix composite parts with thermal
aimed for extremely high heat Composites (Al-MMC) with highways and increased
conductivity (up to 2,000 W/ Carbon-based inserts, like properties to enhance cooling
mK). While delivering extremely Graphene, applicable in many efficiency
good thermal properties, the key technologies and products
carbon products themselves bolstering several sectors in • Secure and exploit
usually do not have a structural Europe. intellectual property from
generated knowledge to
Thermal measurement of the THERMACO KEY FEATURES bolster competitiveness and
demonstrator • Deliver knowledge-based market strength of consortium
partners and European
design/layout guidelines industry
for extremely efficient metal
matrix composite parts with KEY BENEFITS
integrated carbon-based • Delivering the proposed
thermal highways
new, much more efficient
• Develop reliable and efficient heat evacuation solutions will
production technologies for therefore significantly boost
cast metal matrix composites the competitiveness of a
with integrated thermal wide range of European
highways including high-tech and cutting-edge
industry sectors.
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