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Several software companies JET FUEL PRICES (US Gulf Coast Jet Fuel) (USD/barrel)
specialise in the development of Source: United States Energy Information Administration
airline fuel efficiency solutions.
The leading provider in terms 150
of technology, number of airline
clients served, and total number of 120
aircraft monitored is Switzerland-
based Aviaso ( 90
“Transparency is key to successful
fuel saving programs”, says Rudolf 60
Christen, CEO of Aviaso. “We help
airlines save fuel by pinpointing 30 2005 2007 2009 2011 2013
the areas where savings could be 2003
achieved and then we monitor the
implementation progress in time.” IATA Four Pillar Strategy to address climate change

The Aviaso Fuel Efficiency TECHNOLOGY OPERATIONS
software is essentially a data
warehouse that collects data Airframe, Engine Maximise Efficiency
from various airline IT systems New Fuels Minimise Weight
including data coming directly
from the aircraft such as FDM/FDR INFRASTRUCTURE ECONOMIC
data. More than 1000 parameters MEASURES
are stored in the database for Air Routes, ATM
each flight. Airlines perform very Airport Procedures Offsets and Trading
many flights per year with their Incentives
many aircraft. Comparing several
years of such data then results in
a huge volume of data of up to
several billion of data elements.
This data is thoroughly checked
by the Aviaso software for quality,
and erroneous data can be
either corrected or excluded
from analyses. Then, powerful
analyses are available to help
airlines discover their true fuel
savings potential. Based on these
analyses, airlines are selecting
which fuel saving initiatives to
implement. Finally, the software
continuously monitors the
initiatives to ensure that the
airlines are really achieving their
fuel savings. l

Contact details: DATA SOURCES

Aviaso Inc.
Huobstrasse 10
CH-8808 Pfaeffikon
Phone: +41 55 422 0000
Fax: +41 55 508 1014
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