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New horizons in aviation

By Dr Naresh Kumar, ACARE Communication Group Chair

Back in the nineties the achieved since the formation of 2011, describes the vision for
aviation community ACARE with hundreds of wide aviation. It underlines the need
realised that the ranging projects1 conducted in for further emissions reductions,
anticipated increase Aeronautics and Air Transport recommended maintaining and
in aviation traffic could not be across the European community. extending Europe’s leadership,
supported by existing systems, ACARE continues to play a pivotal improving safety and security as
particularly in Europe without role in providing strategic advice air transport needs grow as well
profound and unacceptable to the European Commission’s as developing excellent research
penalties. Aviation Platform, which includes infrastructure and education for
strengthening the competitiveness the sector. The goals include
Launched in 2001 to serve as a of the European industry by such challenges as “90 per cent
platform for aviation stakeholders, expanding the market to a of travellers within Europe able
the Advisory Council for Aviation common aviation area with to complete their journey, door
Research and Innovation in the neighbouring countries, to door, within 4 hours” and “Air
Europe (ACARE) has come a long determining and planning priorities Traffic Management to be able to
way in addressing two top-level for future air transport policy handle 25 million flights per year”,
objectives: to meet society’s initiatives, analysing challenges compared to around 10 million
needs and achieve global and solving problems to ensure the today.
Heikki Willstedtleadership in aviation for Europe. development of the sector.
In 2012, ACARE stakeholders
Substantial results have been Flightpath 20502, published in published the Strategic Research
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