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  Advantages of LNG as a ship fuel         is the LNG-powered ships’sector. For                         bunkering ships, truck and rail-loading)
  LNG CASE                                 example, the world first ferry to run                        offered by the LNG terminal operators.
  •	 Clean                                 on LNG was M/F Glutra in Norway in
  •	 Available                             2000. The first large LNG-powered                            In 2011, GIE prepared the GLE7 Position
  •	 Safe                                  vessel was the Viking Grace which                            paper: GLE’s views on Small Scale LNG
  •	 Economical                            started operations in the Baltic Sea in                      concluding as follows, “GLE is excited
                                           January 2013.                                                about the opportunities offered by
of them. The other main ones are:                                                                       Small Scale LNG and will play its part
installing scrubbers (SCR) for exhaust     On the other hand, the main condition                        in promoting its further development
gas purification, the use of low-sulphur   for the wide use of LNG as a ship fuel                       in a safe way.” Today we confirm our
content MGO or MDO, or change to           is a developed LNG infrastructure                            statement and support LNG CASE
alternative fuels.                         and a good distribution system. For                          (using LNG because it is Clean,
                                           example, in the Baltic Sea (SECA                             Available, Safe and Economical). l
With a ship’s lifetime at 25 years or      Sulphur Emission Control Areas, where
more, ship-owners will have to make        from January 1st 2015 ships have had                           Author:
a careful calculation. However, we         to use fuel oil with a sulphur content
assume that in many cases the LNG          of no more than 0.10%, as opposed                              Katarzyna Chrulska
option is economical.                      to the previous limit of 1.00%) there
                                           are a lot of initiatives aimed at the                          GIE Member and Manager LNG
NO LONGER THE CHICKEN OR THE               establishment of a small to medium l                           Division of GAZ-SYSTEM in Poland,
EGG PROBLEM                                scale LNG infrastructure (for details see                      GLE¹ Gas Advocacy Chairwoman
A few years ago, it was very popular       LNG in Baltic Sea Project³).                                   within GIE in the years 2011-2014
to refer to the issue of using LNG as
a fuel in shipping as the chicken or       DNV experts believe that we will reach                         Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) is
the egg problem. Many stakeholders         the number of 1,000 non-LNG carrier                            an association representing the
asked which one should come first; a       vessels running on LNG in 2020 or                              interests of European natural gas
bunkering stations’ system or an LNG-      shortly thereafter4. Other experts are                         infrastructure operators active in
powered ship.                              not so optimistic. For sure, in the near                       natural gas transmission, storage
                                           future conventional oil-based fuels                            and LNG regasification. 16
These days, there is no need to ask this   will still be the main fuel option for                         European LNG terminal operators
question any more. We can observe          most existing vessels. However, LNG                            from 9 countries, operating
both a development of a bunkering          is an interesting solution for many                            around 90% of the existing LNG
infrastructure and a significant increase  vessels to be newly-built. So we can                           regasification capacity in the
in the number of LNG-powered vessels.      expect dynamic developments.                                   European Union, are members of
On the one hand, there are currently       GIE SUPPORTING SMALL SCALE
around 75 LNG-fueled ships                 DEVELOPMENT                                                    Contact details:
(excluding LNG carriers) in operation      GIE is active in LNG advocacy and
worldwide, while another 84 new            interested in the small scale. GIE
ship-building orders have now been         regularly gathers and actualizes
confirmed2. And it means a significant     the LNG New Services Inventory5.
growth taking into account how young       It provides an overview of the new
                                           services (reloading, trans-shipment,

1.	 GLE - Gas LNG Europe is one of three subdivisions of GIE, representing the LNG Terminal Operators.  Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE)
     The other two subdivisions are: GTE - Gas Transmission Europe and GSE - Gas Storage Europe (see    Avenue de Cortenbergh, 100                                                  1000 Brussels
2.	 DNV GL – LNG fuelled vessels. Ship list – Vessels in operation and vessels on order - updated 11    T +32 2 2090500
     January 2016                                                                                       F +32 2 2090501
3.                                                                         W
4.	 DNV. LNG as ship fuel.
6.	 More information in MAPS & Data section at website.
7.	 GLE - Gas LNG Europe is one of three subdivisions of GIE, representing the LNG Terminal Operators.

     The other two subdivisions are: GTE - Gas Transmission Europe and GSE - Gas Storage Europe (see
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