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Goltens clears the air

                                                                                        Delta core ports - Shanghai, Ningbo,
                                                                                        Zhoushan, Suzhou and Nantong - will
                                                                                        require that vessels use fuel of less than
                                                                                        0.5% sulphur content whilst at berth.

                                                                                        In its role as technical service provider,
                                                                                        Goltens offers laser scanning,
                                                                                        pre-engineering and complete
                                                                                        retrofits – either to fit a scrubber (to
                                                                                        remove sulphur and particles) or
                                                                                        SCR installations (Selective Catalytic
                                                                                        Reduction, to remove NOx from
                                                                                        exhaust gas). Alternative ways to
                                                                                        comply with the sulphur emission
                                                                                        limitations are to switch over to low
                                                                                        sulphur fuels or LNG.

The international air pollution            shown in the map below.                      With 22 stations worldwide of which
            requirements of Annex VI                                                    six ‘Green’ locations, there is always
            establish limits on nitrogen   Within these areas sulphur limits for        a location nearby to perform vessel
            oxides (NOx) emissions and     fuel have gradually been reduced from        inspections and laser scanning. l
require the use of fuel with lower sulfur  1.5% prior to 2010 to a limit of 0.10%
content, protecting people’s health        starting last year in 2015.                    CONTACT DETAILS
and the environment by reducing                                                           Goltens Green Technologies B.V.
ozone-producing pollution, which can       The rest of the world’s fleet will feel the    Aarhusweg 4-15
cause smog and aggravate asthma. The       impact of the legislation in 2020 when         9723 JJ Groningen
requirements apply to vessels operating    sulphur limits are scheduled to drop           +31 50 3050 230
in Emission Control Areas (ECA).           globally to 0.5%.                    

Current and possible future ECA’s          From 1 April 2016, the Yangtze River

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