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Essential for Future Energy Systems
Essential for the Circular Economy

By Dr Edmund Fleck, President, ESWET (pictured)

Energy systems of the future human beings are not perfect, be recycled. Residual municipal
and the Circular Economy reality is not perfect, a zero- waste, the waste stream focussed
are being developed waste-society will not materialise on in this article, contains a mix of
separately. If Europe acts anytime soon. many materials that can only be
smartly, Waste-to-Energy recycled by creating a low-grade
can connect the two The next best option is to apply recyclate, e.g. paper which ended
the EU Waste Hierarchy: Reduce, up being soaked by liquid or
What to do with our waste? Reuse, Recycle, Recover and, greasy substances.
The best solution would be to not as a last resort, Dispose. Once
generate waste in the first place. waste is generated, sorting it to A solution is needed to recover
Thus a zero-waste-society would encourage reuse and recycling the energy and materials from
be the ultimate aim to achieve. should be the preferred choices. residual municipal waste. This
But as mankind is not perfect, Nevertheless, not everything can can be done with different

Two types of renewable energy, side by side, wind and waste
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