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5 Foreword 38 Shipping

6 Why Europe need a strong Energy Union 39 Ship energy efficiency – why regulatory 6
Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy, Environment action is needed to save energy and fight
spokesman of the Alliance of Liberals and climate change
Democrats for Europe (ALDE) Jos Delbeke, Director-General of DG
Climate Action, European Commission
8 Waste-to-Energy: Essential for Future
Energy Systems, Essential for the Circular 42 Lloyds’s Register: Focus on Energy
Economy Efficiency for Ships
Dr Edmund Fleck, President, ESWET Jesper Aagesen, Area Consultancy
Manager, Scandinavia, Baltic & Western
12 Energy Efficiency in practice – Europe, Lloyd’s Register EMEA
Contribution from Waste-to-Energy
plants 46 An EIB perspective on the European 8
Marta Gurin and Lorenzo Ceccherini, Commission Directive “Clean Power
CEWEP for Transport” and its Implications for
16 Investing in Negawatts, the world’s “first fuel” Mark Clintworth, Head of Shipping,
Kathleen Van Brempt, MEP and European Investment Bank
S&D’s vice-president responsible for
sustainability 51 Blue Energy: Why an energy transition
has to start offshore
20 Energy efficiency gains in a connected Gesine Meissner, Member of the
world European Parliament
John Higgins, Director General of
DIGITALEUROPE 53 Reducing CO2 emissions from shipping
Dimitrios Banas, Manager,
23 Being at the forefront of innovative
solutions, The future of retrofitting in Communication and information,
Cosmina Marian, Buildings Performance European Community Shipowners’
Institute Europe (BPIE)
26 Efficient insulation in industry ready to
deliver the missing 1% to EU targets 54 Development of European CO2 16
The European Industrial Insulation infrastructure networks
Foundation, EIIF Beatrice Coda, Policy Officer, Unit B1,
Networks and Regional Initiatives,
Directorate-General for Energy, European

32 ARTEMIS and Smart Energy 56 Innovation is key to addressing our
energy goals
34 Innovative HVAC system solutions Sean Kelly, MEP
towards nearly zero energy buildings
Federation of European Heating, 57 Delivering Ireland’s energy potential
Ventilation and Air Conditioning Alex White, Ireland’s Minister for
Asssociations Communications, Energy and Natural
36 A new pathway to recycle NORM in
building materials – a COST Action 42
initiative, Wouter Schroeyers, chair of the
European COST network
‘NORM4Building (TU1301), professor at
the University of Hasselt (Belgium)
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