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Autumn 2016 European Energy Innovation       3



6	 The way forward after COP 21               34	 Europe at crossroads: defining the          10
      Knut Fleckenstein, MEP                        face of future mobility                   30
                                                    Hans ten Berge, Secretary General,        34
10	 Non-Road Mobile Machinery                       EURELECTRIC                               54
      Lamia-Kerdjoudji Belkaid, Secretary     40	 The Platform for Electro-mobility
      General, FEPORT                               Thomas Wilson

14	 European ports are thinking climate       44	 Electric vehicles (EVs): how far
      Isabelle Ryckbost, Secretary                  down the track have we come? How
      General, ESPO                                 far have we yet to go?
                                                    Michael Edmund, Editor

17	 The power behind vessel charging          46	 The way forward for reducing CO2
      and automated mooring                         emissions from cars
      Yann Duclot, Cavotec Group Chief
      Marketing & Strategy Officer                  Arno Behrens, Head of Energy,


22	 Secure energy: Market First               48	 V2G – From concept to pilot
      Adina Ioana Válean, Vice-President            Peter Bach Andersen, DTU Elektro
      of the European Parliament

26	 Small scale LNG, the dutch                52	 From sustainable Mobility to
      approach                                      E-mobility
      Robert Govaers                                Joseph Beretta, Avere-France
                                                    President, AVERE Vice president

28	 Mechanisms of the contribution of         54	 Bordeaux, France, or how to
      Anaerobic digestion (AD) to GHG-              become a “smart city” with ETSI
      emission abatement: more than                 Christophe Colinet, Chairman of the
      only the substitution of fossil energy        ETSI working group “Sustainable
      approach                                      Digital Multiservice Cities” in ATTM
      Meers, E, Scheidl, S, Kichmeyr, F,            technical committee
      Pflüger, S, Stambasky, J.

30	 It’s all about cooperation: role          57	 Decarbonising heat – the challenge
      of EERA as a key stakeholder to               for the UK
      accelerate energy transition                  Chris Le Fevre, Senior Visiting
      Hervè Bernard, Chairman of EERA               Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for
                                                    Energy Studies
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