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Analyse the environment of the Port Establishing Alert & Actions Certification

Legal Framework Inventory CO2 Environmental impact Environmental Risks System of early alert Check list
•Parameters about the quality of
Process Identification of the the water Preliminary
Applicable legislation •Batimetrías Initial
Source of CO2 List of the key parameters Characterizationof the •Levels of the model
Establish a method of of the ecosystem environmental danger Protocol
updating Estimation and evaluation Compensatory measures NEREIDAS
Of the environmental risks •Emergency Plan
•Plan for monitor the ecosystem Renewal
Sewer of CO2 Analysis of the biodiversity •Actions for energetic efficiency
•Plantation/restoration algas
Damages in the ecosystem
servici Constant improving

Nereidas flow chart

available dissolved oxygen. The challenges of varying magnitude,
generation of anoxic conditions but none have the purpose of this
reduce the PH and consequently project. As it is widely known, who
dissolve the CO2. The EWS pollutes pays and repairs, but is
forecasts the danger and helps still polluting. With this Protocol
to prepare ad hoc measures we add another turn of the screw
before this happens. and propose to compensate for
this pollution.
The ultimate aim of the Nereidas
project is the design of a The uniqueness of this Protocol,
protocol to implement preventive for good environmental practices
and compensatory measures in Mediterranean ports, is the new
concerning environmental approach and its special attention
damage to maritime transport to biodiversity for the survival
and port activities. Today the of living beings and to offset
market hosts many rules and pollution in ports. Furthermore
guidelines with the same it is self-assessed and issued for
denominator: “contribute to the the first time, so that it can be
mitigation of climate change”. developed and tested before
Each addresses different going to market. l

Jaime Bustillo - Port of Melilla Pedro Martinez - C&C
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